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POLICE REPORTS: JUNE 2023 - My Northern Wisconsin - 07-14-2023


Reports received by the police departments in Price County for the month have been condensed and summarized.

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6-1-23:  The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children contacted an investigator regarding a cyber tip.  Further investigation will follow.

6-1-23:  A Catawba woman said she is in a property dispute with her neighbor and he tried running her over with his side by side.

6-4-23:  A Park Falls man reported an elderly female was riding a mobility scooter headed eastbound in a westbound lane of traffic.

6-5-23:  A Fifield woman requested to speak with a deputy regarding her neighbor talking too loud on his phone.

6-6-23:  A Fifield man reported his neighbor was harassing him by repeatedly asking him to turn down the volume of his television.

6-8-23:  A Prentice man reported his ex-wife assaulted him when he told her to leave after he discovered she was cheating on him.  The woman allegedly screamed, ripped her shirt off, and hit the man as she left.  The man said if she came back the police wouldn't have time to get there.

6-8-23:  A Park Falls man reported his significant other choked him and punched him in the throat.  Dispatch advised both men needed to separate until law enforcement arrived.  One man was taken to jail.

6-8-23:  A Catawba woman called to report a white Dodge Ram was following them around Kennan trying to hit them and run them off the road.  Another woman called and reported observing a white truck trying to hit a gray flat bed truck.  She heard a loud boom but did not know if there was a collision.

6-8-23:  A Park Falls man reported his brother, who he had not seen for 15 years, was asking him for $1,500 and said the money better be there by Thursday.

6-9-23:  A Phillips woman called reporting a heavily intoxicated man was lying on the ground in the City of Phillips, and he was making groaning noises.  The man then vomited all over the concrete and went to his apartment.

6-12-23:  A Park Falls resident reported a car rollover west of Tower Road on County Road E.  There were no injuries.

6-13-23:  An Ogema man called to report two calves were in the roadway.  Dispatch called the owner of the calves who stated her kids were leading their show calves, and she did not see any other calves out.  She said this occurred last year, and she believed she was being harassed.

6-14-23:  Property damage was reported in the women's bathroom at the Tuscobia Trailhead.  Light fixtures were damaged and mirrors were smashed.

6-14-23:  Multiple 911 calls reported a single vehicle rollover north of the City of Phillips.  The man was out of the truck, which had rolled several times.  He had minor injuries to his hands, face, back, and arms, but he was conscious and alert.

6-15-23:  An Ogema woman called stating her neighbor's cows were loose and it is a regular occurrence.  The cows were on the roadway and on the caller's and another neighbor's properties.  She said she walked the cows home, and when she did so, the owner of the cows drove his ATV into some of the cows' legs to get them to move, which made her concerned for the cows' welfare.

6-16-23:  An Ogema man reported cattle belonging to his neighbor were all across other neighbors' properties, and he had photo evidence.

6-16-23:  A Prentice man reported hitting a deer with his motorcycle and stated he was not injured.

6-17-23:  The Sawyer County Sheriff's Office called to report a two vehicle accident on State Highway 13.  No injuries were reported.  The reporting party said he was headed south on State Highway 13 when a vehicle traveling north tried passing another vehicle and came into his lane.  He had to swerve to avoid getting hit head on, and the mirror
exploded off of his vehicle from the contact with the northbound vehicle.  He stated there was no other damage.

6-17-23:  A man reported a motorcycle accident with two passengers, and one of them had a broken leg.

6-19-23:  A Phillips man reported his eighty-year old neighbor attempted to run over his dog in his driveway, and he recorded the incident.

6-20-23:  Rusk County reported a two-vehicle accident in Kennan.  All occupants were out of the vehicles and no injuries were reported but one vehicle was on fire.

6-20-23:  A Phillips man called regarding finding an arrow in his hay field.  He believed the arrow was shot by his neighbor, as they do not get along.

6-22-23:  A Phillips woman reported a male with red shorts, work boots, and a black bag walking down the middle of County Road D talking and yelling to himself loud enough that she could hear him down the road.

6-24-23:  A Phillips man reported his neighbor was placing boulders, which were blocking the man's driveway, as they were having a property dispute.

6-25-23:  A woman called dispatch while her husband was being transported to the Price County Jail due to an arrest by the Park Falls Police Department.  She kept screaming at dispatch, and she was told four times she needed to stop or the call would be disconnected; she did not stop and the call was disconnected.  The woman called back, screaming, and stated she needed to talk to the "highest-up" person.  Demanding to talk with a Park Falls supervisor, she said, "I'm not asking you, I'm telling you!  I don't care who you get me to, just get me someone, I cannot live without this man!  I have health problems!  You guys are going to  f-ing kill me!"  The woman began coughing and yelled, "I cannot breathe!" due to her screaming.  She continued to yell at dispatch regarding the arrest and dispatch ended the call.  She called 25 more times in under an hour.

6-27-23:  A man was concerned about comments made by a first responder about not responding to emergency calls.  The comments were made at a meeting the night prior.

6-27-23:  An Ogema woman reported a man watching her daughter from the woods, though he did not say anything to the girl.

6-28-23:  A Phillips man reported an old friend from high school contacted him on Facebook about a $45,000 grant he could get if he filled out some information and purchased a $500 Apple gift card.  The man realized it was a scam when they asked for an additional $3,500 for insurance fees.

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6-2-23:  Received a report of a two-vehicle accident at a local business.

6-2-23:  Responded to a reported hit-and-run that had occurred in the City of Phillips.

6-3-23:  Responded to a two-vehicle collision that occurred in the City of Phillips.  Officers arrived, secured the scene and assisted the Central Price County Ambulance with loading a patient.

6-6-23:  Received a complaint from a Phillips School bus driver of a bear and four cubs that were hanging around the elementary school when children were present.  An officer responded to the area and was able to get the bear and her cubs across County Road W and into the woods.

6-7-23:  Received a report of a dog that attempted to get into a resident's apartment in the City of Phillips.  The owner of the apartment wanted a report for record of the incident.

6-11-23:  Responded to a report of a large black bear in the City of Phillips.  The bear was able to be ushered back into the woods and out of the City of Phillips.

6-12-23:  Received a complaint of two children that threw a rock and broke a window on two separate buildings.  An officer arrived and met with the complainants, obtained statements, took photographs and interviewed the children involved.  As a result of the investigation, two male juveniles will be referred to Price County Human Services for damage to property along with restitution.

6-14-23:  Requested to do a welfare check on a female adult who had left a nursing home with her family the night prior.  An officer checked on the adult female who was in good spirits and told the officer that she wanted to live at home as her family was taking care of her.  The officer cleared and relayed the information to the administrator of the nursing home.

6-14-23:  Requested by the Price County Sheriff's Office to deliver a death notification to an individual that lived at a city residence.  An officer arrived at the residence to discover the individual had moved out several years ago.

6-15-23:  Responded to a report of a vehicle crash that happened in the City of Phillips.  No injuries were reported.  Both vehicles were towed by a local towing company.

6-16-23:  Received a report of a sow black bear with two cubs in the area of Hwy 100.  Officer notified several residents in the area of the bear.  Officer did not locate the bear.

6-19-23:  Responded to a page for the Central Price County Ambulance Service for a juvenile experiencing extreme facial swelling.  The officer assisted in keeping the juvenile calm.  One juvenile was transported to the hospital.

6-19-23:  Received a report of a hit and run in the City of Phillips.  The vehicle was stopped.  The individual was injured and stated he was assaulted.  Drug paraphernalia was located in the vehicle.  The male was transported to the hospital due to his injuries.  Officers documented the scenes.  The officer spoke with the suspect involved in the battery.  An adult male was arrested for substantial battery, criminal damage to property,  and obstructing an officer.  An adult male was held on a felony hold.

6-22-23:  Received a complaint of a bear that was near a campground that would not leave.  An officer arrived and tried to get the bear to leave without success.  An officer contacted the Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services out of Rhinelander who advised they would trap the bear.

6-22-23:  Received a complaint where a male was in a business making the other customers feel uneasy as he was telling the customers to look into his eyes as he got close to them.  An officer made contact with the male who was walking down a county road.  The officer spoke to the male and advised the male he was no longer welcome in the business.

6-22-23:  Advised of a male individual who was yelling and screaming by Elk Lake.  An officer responded and spoke with the male individual who stated he was upset because his father hurt his feelings and did not have anywhere to go.  An officer made contact with another male individual who came and picked him up.

6-24-23:  Responded to a report of a vehicle parked awkwardly in the grocery store parking lot.  The caller was concerned about the driver's well-being along with the vehicle creating a significant traffic hazard.  The officer made contact with the owner of the vehicle and checked her welfare.  The owner of the vehicle apologized for how she positioned her vehicle and moved it.

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6-1-23:  A man reported his neighbor was cutting part of his lawn.

6-2-23:  Investigated credit card fraud that occurred at multiple establishments in Price County.

6-2-23:  Investigated a burglary complaint.

6-2-23:  Received a complaint of a dog being in a vehicle for approximately 2 1/2 hours.  The owner was located and warned of city ordinance prohibiting animals being left in a hot vehicle.

6-4-23:  Officers responded to a residence for the report of numerous suspects involved in a physical altercation.  One male suspect and one female suspect were transported to the Price County Jail.  One other female suspect will have charges referred to the district attorney.

6-15-23:  A retail theft was reported.  A trespass warning and retail theft citation was issued.

6-17-23:  A male subject that was found lying on the ground and was possibly intoxicated. Officers located the person who was staggering alongside the road.  Officers talked him into letting them take him home so we was dropped off at his residence and his soon to be ex-wife was notified.  She had his mother respond to the address to check on him.

6-17-23: An officer was flagged down by a motorist who reported a man entered the back door of a realty office.  The reporting party stated the lights had remained off in the building but the person was still in the building.  One male and one female were located in the building.

6-20-23:  There is an ongoing issue of waste items in a yard.  Fourteen days were given to clean up the property.  Officers will follow-up on 7/4.

6-21-23:  While on an unrelated matter, officers were approached by an Anonymous Individual (AI) reporting noxious odor coming from a location.  AI stated that while working in his garden, the stench from the neighbors’ house is enough to make him vomit.  AI said he had to go back into his home because the smell was so strong.

6-21-23:  Officers were dispatched to a disturbance at a motel.  Dispatch informed officers that a man was being very loud and disruptive in his room.  The owner wanted him checked on and later decided he wanted him removed.  An officer had to force entry into the room as the man wasn't willing to open the door.  Once inside the room, officers attempted to get the man calmed down from his manic state.  Officers weren't very successful in their attempts.  Officers arranged for a friend to pick up the man from the motel.  The man didn't commit any new crimes and he didn't show other signs of being under the influence of drugs, besides his high strung attitude.  A friend picked him up and took responsibility for him for the night.

6-22-23:  A man called regarding a harassment and suspicious activity complaint.  The man showed the officer a small rubber duck that had the words, "F*** your lawn" written on the bottom of it.  The man found it wedged in his door handle of his vehicle while it was parked at a bar.  The man has front and rear cameras on his vehicle and he caught the person on video placing the duck there.  The man told the officer that there is a person who drives over the sidewalk and into his yard multiple times a year, which he reports to the police.  The man believes that the person who placed the duck is the same person that drives over his lawn.

6-23-23:  There was a two-vehicle accident at a gas station.

6-24-23:  Received a report from a homeowner of a subject trespassing in their backyard.  The homeowners chased the unknown person.  A second intoxicated person was found sleeping in the homeowner's backyard on a trampoline.  An officer woke the person up, and it was clear he was heavily intoxicated.  The officer explained he was sleeping on someone's trampoline in their backyard.  The person replied, "Really?"  The man confirmed his current address was in Phillips, and he stated he was currently in Park Falls.  When the officer asked him where he had been drinking, he replied, "All over the place" and stated that it had been a long day.  There was also a bicycle in the backyard that did not belong to the homeowners.

6-25-23: Received a report of an individual who broke into a storage shed and removed property.

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