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At a meeting in November, the Lincoln County Board voted to discontinue funding for most Lincoln County Extension Programs.  The funding cut will happen starting in 2023. 

Two programs will continue to receive funding.  The 4-H educator position and 4-H program will still be financially supported.  The FoodWIse Nutrition Education Program, which uses SNAP ED federal grant funding, will also still be supported by the county for low-income families.

"It is disheartening and unfortunate that the Board has chosen to eliminate most of its investment in Lincoln County Extension education.  We recognize that the board has many difficult budget choices to make on an ongoing basis but the reduction in funding for Extension services will have ripple effects throughout Lincoln County communities," stated Art Lersch, Area Extension Director.

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A press release stated Lincoln County will no longer offer the following services:

"Health & Well – Being/Positive Youth Development Programs – Debbie Moellendorf (e.g. Strong Bodies; mental health related education to adults and youth; Social Norms project; Healthy Minds preventative and other education in conjunction with the Lincoln County Health Department; and AODA education; etc.).

Community Development Programs – Elizabeth McCrank (e.g. organizational assistance for nonprofits and businesses; organizational assistance for local governments; strategic planning for nonprofits; rural broadband expansion planning; housing expansion planning; community health assessment planning; etc.).

Agriculture Programs – Scott Reuss (e.g. Youth Tractor & Machinery Certification Course; Nitrogen enhancement product research plots/nutrient management education for farms to increase crop yields and protect the environment; Nitrogen and sulfur rate effects on winter wheat yield research plots; one on one and group farm consultations; etc.).

Office Support – Becky Kludy (e.g. ability to answer customer questions; ability to sell plat books, ability to assist with food preservation questions and pressure canner testing; soil sample kits, water sample kits; ability to provide in office, email, and phone customer service related to a wide variety of topics; etc.)"

Furthermore, beginning December 12, 2022, the Extension office will not be open to walk-in traffic.  Participants in 4-H and FoodWIse will need to make an appointment.  For 4-H, questions can be directed to Melissa Yates at or Art Lersch at or 715-218-5360.  FoodWIse inquiries should be directed to Art Lersch at or 715-218-5360.

Lincoln County will no longer be able to access regional and state specialists within the Division of Extension - UW=Madison.  Specialist and other educator advice and efforts are only offered to counties that continue to invest in the extension programs.

Deborah Moellendorf, Elizabeth McCrank, Scott Reuss, Melissa Yates, Becky Kludy, Jeni Burton, and Art Lersch, staff members of Lincoln County Extension, express their gratitude to the public "for the tremendous outpouring of community support that has been exhibited for Extension education in recent months, over the past few years, and for at least a century in Lincoln County.  It has been our pleasure to serve you and to help create positive community change in local communities."
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