On Friday, September 30, 2022 Aspirus Pleasant View, the only nursing Home in Phillips, announced it will be closing its doors as a skilled nursing home facility.

While the facility is working with the Wisconsin Department of Health services to assist residents with finding nearby facilities, the tentative closing date is December 31, 2022.  However, the facility stated it will make sure residents have viable options before moving them.  When asked what distance away is considered reasonable for a resident to have to be relocated to a new facility, Thomas Kaster, Interim Vice President of Post Acute Care with Aspirus at Home and Aspirus Phillips Campus, stated, "That depends on the specific resident and family."  He added, "Our care team and community resources are working hard to safely and compassionately transition our residents."

As for the staff, Aspirus is working directly with employees to find them positions in the Aspirus System as Aspirus does not want to eliminate any staff members.  When asked how far away from Price County employees may be placed, Kaster shared, "Aspirus has positions available for all employees.  Whenever possible, we will try to maintain employment in Price County, and remote work options exist."

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There were a number of factors why Aspirus chose to close the facility.  "The ability to fully staff the facility to safely care for a larger number of residents is certainly a key issue.  Because of the rural nature of our community, there is not a large enough population base to maintain higher levels of staffing.  This is compounded by the national labor shortage.  Another driver is governmental funding.  The main payor at Aspirus Pleasant View is the Wisconsin State Medicaid Program, representing 85% to 90% of our skilled nursing residents.  The reimbursement from Medicaid is far less than the average daily cost to care for a skilled nursing resident," Kaster explained.

Aspirus Pleasant View states closing this facility "was a difficult decision, but it will help Aspirus continue to provide vital community services in outpatient, acute, and home health care."

As of right now, Aspirus is not putting the building up for sale.

Aspirus is, however, changing its focus in Phillips, "focusing resources and future development on its assisted living and adult housing services."

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