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My Northern Wisconsin, Today, 01:26 AM


On March 15, 2023, Governor Tony Evers announced he is looking for applicants for the Price County district attorney position.

The position is currently held by Karl Kelz.  His term is set to end in June 2025; however, Karl submitted his resignation in Price County, effective April 7, 2023, to accept a position as Rusk County's assistant district attorney.

Former Price County District Attorney Mark Fuhr, who is currently Price County's assistant district attorney, working twenty hours per week in the DA's office, will continue his role.

Karl Kelz stated, “It’s been an honor and privilege to represent the good people of Price County as their district attorney.  In my time as district attorney, my office has aggressively prosecuted drug offenses, sensitive crimes, and has held offenders accountable for their actions.  Additionally, I have modernized and streamlined procedures in the district attorney's office that has resulted in timely and efficient prosecutions and have cleared many backlogged cases.  I have provided training classes for law enforcement and provided legal guidance to all law enforcement agencies within Price County.  When elected, I promised to make changes that would improve the office to help protect the citizens of Price County.  I have fulfilled my promise to Price County.  I would like to thank all of my supporters, my incredible DA staff, and the citizens of Price County.”

To learn more about Meredith, read her article and follow her Facebook page.

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My Northern Wisconsin, 03-17-2023, 02:26 AM

I am Meredith Hueckman, a mom to 7 children, ages 1 through 15, and they have all been raised in Phillips.  I have a vested interest in our Phillips school and community, and I want to help in any way that I can.  Each one of our children should have every educational opportunity possible to be able to grow in their unique gifts, talents, and abilities.  Therefore, I'm running for a seat on the Phillips School Board on April 4, 2023.  Our community is an exceptional place to raise kids, and we all want the best education for them.

Education is a passion of mine, and I have experience with many different forms of schooling.  My children have gone to school, been home-schooled, and have also used RVA virtual learning.  Before my husband, Scott, and I had children, I was a substitute teacher at Phillips Elementary School. Every individual child is a special blessing, and I have experienced firsthand the multiple ways in which children learn best.

Our government should serve our community, a lesson I learned as a former government reporter for a local newspaper.  I understand the importance of putting the community first and doing the right thing fiscally, as well as having a responsibility to give the next generation every opportunity possible for success.

Transparency and communication are key between elected officials and the community that they serve. That is something that I would like to bring to the table as your school board representative.

Additionally, for over a decade, Scott and I have added jobs and enterprise to the area as small business owners of Hueckman Auction and Sales.  I know the value and necessity of hard work, and how important it is to instill that value into our children.

It's just as important for me to work hard for you, your children, and our community.  If I am elected to the Phillips School Board, I am committed to putting in the work to make sure that our shared values are represented in our school district.

Every vote counts and I need your help to get the message out.  If you like what I have to say, will you please tell your friends and family about me?  And if you would like for me to represent you, please vote for Meredith Hueckman for Phillips School Board on April 4th.  Thank you so much for your support.

You can follow Meredith for School Board on Facebook at


Paid for and authorized by Meredith Hueckman

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My Northern Wisconsin, 03-16-2023, 08:16 PM


On Monday, March 13, 2023, the Park Falls City Council held an approximately two-hour long meeting, which was attended by about 50 residents.  There was a presentation about the current challenges the City of Park Falls is facing regarding the current city hall building.  "I am deeply grateful for the community members who showed up and heard the proposal and facts of the matter," Mayor Michael Bablick said.  "I believe there was a general acceptance of the proposal and/or agreement, including several members of the library board."  At the conclusion of the meeting, a few things were decided.

Mayor Bablick, in an 8-question interview with My Price County / My Northern Wisconsin, gave answers to residents' most pressing questions, many of which were discussed at the meeting, as well.

The first decision was that the city offices will move back to their original location, which is the Park Falls library building.  The City of Park Falls will have the offices moved by the start of the 2023/2024 heating season, so Mayor Bablick predicts the move will take place around October 1, 2023.

Residents were concerned that if the city moved to the library, the library may be made smaller, groups may not be able to use the library as they did in the past, and people may not be allowed keys to enter the library after city office hours.

Mayor Bablick stated, "The proposal is to occupy the old city offices, which are currently the location of the library director, audio books, and fiction section.  The majority of the library board and director have stated that while not optimal, they can rearrange the library and have no reduction in services.  The City will have less space, the library will have less space, but the 3rd floor community rooms will not be impacted beyond elections and two scheduled monthly meetings of the council.  It is a compromise but will work.  It's worth remembering that the current library was once the city hall, library, fire, and police department.  The city government has retained ownership of this building since its departure in the '70s-'80s.  Superior communication and planning will make this highly successful and achieve an operational savings to the budget of anywhere between $30-50,000 per year for city taxpayers and avoidance of additional debt spending (increase in taxes).  The library board and City Council have had phenomenal relationships for decades, and no one would want to see a reduction in library services."

As for a better description of where the city offices will be located, Mayor Bablick explained they will be exactly where they were located in the library for over 50 years, which is in the old mayor's office, city clerk's office, and the Council Room, (not the auditorium), all located on the west side of the second floor.  He said, "It was designed in 1923 for these operations, and the library services have greatly expanded since then.  The rest of the library, minus just the city offices, would remain the domain of the library to manage.  The old entrance, on the south side, which is a spectacular and beautiful entranceway, would be reopened to ensure most city hall traffic is totally separate from the library.  ADA access is totally up-to-date, and those that require such access will be able to use the library entrance on the north side.  The layout of the building really is right for this use.  All parties acknowledge that the increased traffic will probably increase library usage, which is a win-win for several reasons."

At a 2021 city meeting, it was noted that there likely would not be enough space to make the library a feasible option for the city offices.  Mayor Bablick admitted there will be a slight reduction of the current city office space, "but it's clear that the city can operate out of those rooms, as it did for over 50 years.  The last proposal was for the 3rd floor, but it became clear that the community highly values those rooms.  In order to have city offices up there and maintain community rooms, it was deemed to be infeasible.  This compromise of re-occupying the old offices was deemed the best option by library staff, some board members, and city officials if this was to proceed.  Our phenomenal library director has my every confidence in accomplishing a reorganization of materials with no service loss.  If there was going to be a disruption in services, I would be hesitant on the proposed plan.  There will be issues that arise during this process, but I am totally confident solutions will arise," Mayor Bablick assured.

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Groups that utilize the third floor will be effected very little or not at all as that space will remain untouched except for the auditorium being used for council meetings twice per month at a maximum and during elections.  "From the last discussion on this, no one wants to intrude on that very important community space," Mayor Bablick stated.

Regarding if other people will be allowed to have keys, Mayor Bablick responded, "Library hours are longer than city hall hours, opening and closing.  The library building is owned by the city, and the staff are city employees.  If the city hall is closed during library hours, the doors to the specific offices would be locked (mayor's office, city clerk, and old Council Room), and the rest of the library would function as it is now.  There is no issue."

The second thing decided at the end of the council meeting was that the YMCA's proposal to purchase the current city hall would be approved.  Some residents wanted to know why the building was good enough for the YMCA to renovate and use but not for the city to renovate and use.  Mayor Bablick explained, "Essentially, to renovate the existing facility to what it really needs to be, per MSA, it would cost around $3 million 'as is.'  In order to raise enough funds and continue with the normal capital improvement plan (streets, police vehicles, other building maintenance, fire department, matching funds for future grant opportunities, etc.), it would require a referendum to exceed the state statutory maximum for revenue collection.  This would result in a significant increase in taxes, and I firmly believe the residents of Park Falls would not pass that proposal.  We received the final plans from MSA in November of 2022.  This is also after we have searched and solicited for several grants to accomplish this without a burden on local residents.  Based on the feedback [from the March 13th meeting], it certainly seemed apparent that it would not be a successful referendum.  City staff and I have spent a significant amount of time trying to find grants, talking with legislators (going so far to write a complete proposal for the federal budget), and to find alternatives.  We were unsuccessful in our efforts."

Mayor Bablick continued, "The YMCA can renovate it to their needs, and complete the broader project, because it has a $5.675 million grant. Large benefactors have signaled additional support to ensure that it will be successful for the full facility build out (child care, community center, fitness center, gymnasium).  In short, the current city hall would be fully remodeled for childcare, a community center, and add-ons with the other grant funds for the rest."

Residents also questioned why a new city hall was not built.  Mayor Bablick explained, "The cost of a new city hall is at least $10 million per MSA, and total renovation is at around $3 million.  The final numbers were received in November of 2022.  A discussion of the next steps was not going to take place until a new mayor was elected; however, the proposal from the YMCA accelerated the discussion.  With the offer made from the YMCA to the city, the discussion suddenly became ripe for discussion."

To summarize, Mayor Bablick added, "This issue has been very well thought out."  He stated community feedback was solicited over the years, there was much planning, and there were attempts to find alternatives.  He continued, "In the end, after all the analysis, this remains the best decision for all entities involved.  I totally believe this decision, in complement with the YMCA, produces the greatest good for the greatest number of people in the community.  The annual budget savings of $30,000-$50,000 will help for future budgets as wages increase in the area, off-setting inflation, and increased costs for emergency services.  In my eyes, this is the best possible solution considering the situation."

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Beyond our interview, the City of Park Falls also issued the following press release regarding the plans:


At the City of Park Falls Common Council meeting on March 13, 2023, with around 50 citizens in attendance, the Mayor facilitated a comprehensive presentation on a proposal to move the current City Offices back to the Park Falls Public Library (former City Hall). The current Library Building was constructed in 1923 as a City Hall which included City Offices, Library, Fire and Police Department. The City Council voted unanimously to execute that proposal later in the meeting. The Fire and Police Department will remain in their current location. City Offices will relocate to its former location known as the “old” Mayor’s, City Clerk, and Council Chamber (2nd floor, west side) offices.

At the public meeting, the Library Director and some members of the Library Board who were present voiced their support for this proposal, as it will not affect library services. This move would not affect the layout of the 3rd floor of the library. After public input in 2021, community members made it clear that the activities, meetings, and programming held on this floor were very important. These spaces will remain for community use.

This proposal will also save the city up to $50,000 a year in operations of the current City Hall and millions of dollars in needed capital improvement. “This action is a win-win for the Park Falls community,” said Mayor Michael Bablick. “While it is a compromise for both entities, it saves millions of taxpayer dollars, avoids a possible referendum, does not reduce service at the library, and ensures that the city can continue investing in its other major projects without an increase in taxes.”

Also at this meeting, a proposal submitted to the Council from the YMCA of the Northwoods was discussed regarding the sale of the current City Hall property, minus the Fire and Police Department. The Council also approved this proposal after public Q & A, as it seemed evident that a majority of those present preferred that the city sell the property to an entity like the YMCA if a decision to move was approved. The YMCA had requested consideration of this proposal as the site provides more visibility, less site prep work, and the $5.675 million grant (received last year from the State of Wisconsin), would be enough to rehabilitate the facility with add-ons. The sale of the property is contingent upon final approval by the YMCA board. 

“This site makes it possible for us to include extra amenities that may not have been included if we started with a blank slate,” said Allie Plessner, Co-Chair for the YMCA Northwoods - Park Falls.

Lastly, the “Old Abe'' monument located on City Hall property will be moved and rededicated into the City’s new downtown center. This will allow the symbol of the city and memorial to be honored and rededicated which is more interactive with the public, making it a cornerstone of the downtown. A local veterans group has indicated this is their preferred location.

“City offices will be relocated into its former space before the next heating season starts, the YMCA of the Northwoods will completely rehabilitate the current City Hall and add on additional amenities, and complete their project by December 31, 2024,” said Mayor Michael Bablick. “I believe this decision provides the greatest good for the greatest number of people in the community. I would especially like to thank our Library Director and the majority of the Library Board for their feedback and support.”

The meeting's presentation slides can be viewed at this link

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My Northern Wisconsin, 03-13-2023, 01:52 PM


At 5 p.m. tonight, Monday, March 13, 2023, there will be a presentation that addresses a number of questions regarding the item on the agenda, which is the possible consolidation of the city offices and library.

Many people are speculating on social media and in other public ways as to what that could mean.

We sent Mayor Michael Bablick eight questions regarding this topic.  He replied, "There is a public forum tonight at 5 at the City Hall with a presentation that addresses all these questions.  I will be glad to answer these questions after the presentation and tonight's forum.  I would encourage anyone who is seeking answers to attend the meeting and not rely on unhinged social media posts.  There will also be a Q & A with those in attendance."

If you are able to attend the meeting, your questions should get answered there.  If you are unable to attend the meeting, we will bring you Mayor Bablick's responses later this week.

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My Northern Wisconsin, 03-08-2023, 02:54 AM


Reports received by the police departments in Price County for the month have been condensed and summarized.


2-1-2023:  The Price County Highway Department noticed a tan/gray Chevy truck parked north of Short Cut Road.  It had been there for two days and could be a hazard to a snow plow driver.  The owner of the vehicle was contacted.  He said his truck stalled out while taking his wife to have a baby, and he would get it moved soon.

2-2-2023:  A Phillips woman called to report that her adult daughter was missing or endangered.  The woman stated she received a phone call from a detective in Illinois on December 30, 2022 stating her daughter was found walking on the highway, confused, disoriented, and thinking she was in Iowa.  The woman's vehicle was towed in Illinois, and the woman was transported to a hospital there.  The mother of the adult woman has not been able to make contact with her daughter and requested she be listed as a missing person.

2-2-2023:  A Park Falls man sent a letter to the sheriff's office with concerns about snowmobiles on his road, especially where there is a straight stretch.  He estimated the snowmobiles travel at 75 MPH or more past his residence.  He stated he followed snowmobiles that were traveling about 50 MPH to talk with the drivers about safety after their reckless behavior near his plow truck.  He said several individuals have told him their vehicles have been hit by snowmobiles.  The man noted seeing an alcohol can on the freshly plowed area after the snowmobilers went by.

2-2-2023:  A Phillips man reported rolling his truck but did not have any injuries.

2-3-2023:  A Phillips woman reported a man came to her door asking to call 911 because his wife was injured in a snowmobile accident down the road, but he did not state how severe her injuries were and he already went back to be with his wife on the road at the time of the call.  Emergency services responded.

2-6-23:  A Park Falls man entered the sheriff's office lobby and said the FBI was slowly killing him and was going to kill him if he fell asleep.  Since the nearest deputy was in Park Falls, the man was asked if he could wait for the deputy to arrive, but the man replied he did not want to put up with "stalling techniques."  Officers responded.

2-7-23:  A panic alarm was activated for the Price County District Attorney's Office, but it was a false alarm as it was accidentally triggered while the IT department was installing the button.

2-8-23:  A truck was in the ditch near Short Cut Road.  When a Fifield man stopped to see if any one was injured, the person in the vehicle just waved his hands and it was believed the man was highly intoxicated.

2-9-23:  A Phillips man reported stolen meat at his residence.  He bought eight boxes of meat and left it outside so it would not thaw while he went to buy another freezer.  When he came back, one box was missing and the other box had meat spilling out of it.

2-10-23:  A Phillips woman reported a scam and stated almost $500 was removed from her account for "Computer Safety."  When she called the company to state she did not purchase anything, they told her they would return $150 and the remainder; however, the woman first needed to wire transfer them $10,000, and she was not allowed to tell anyone she was doing so or she would be charged with wire transfer fraud.

2-11-2023:  A caller stated a 59-year old female crashed her snowmobile into a tree on 108.  The snowmobiler was conscious but was believed to have a broken knee and was experiencing right side pain and chest pain while breathing.  Emergency services responded, and the woman was taken to the hospital.

2-11-2023:  A caller reported a snowmobile accident with an unconscious juvenile who was breathing and another person with a possible broken leg.  Emergency services responded.  See related articles, Fatal Snowmobile Crash Takes Life of Little Girl and Remembering Kaylee, An 8-Year Old Girly Girl Filled with Joy.

2-12-2023:  A Kennan man reported his brother opened the windows at their parents' residence three times during the day, which the caller felt was elder abuse due to the cold weather.  The brother being reported called police and explained he opened windows because it was 90 degrees in the house and too hot for his father.

2-12-2023:  A Prentice man reported approximately 30 lights in a formation in the sky with no sound.  The man wanted this information on file as he believed the incident was government-related.

2-13-2023:  A Park Falls man reported his mail carrier would no longer bring his mail to his residence due to a large number of loose animals at his neighbor's residence.

2-21-2023:  A Phillips man called stating, "I'm doing this for my paralegal job; the judge is okay."  When dispatch asked the caller why he was calling 911, he stated a profanity and hung up.  He called again.  Dispatch asked for his address, and he replied, "The judge is okay."

2-25-2023:  The Minocqua Police Department contacted Price County Sheriff's Office about a man from their area who reported receiving counterfeit money from a transaction that took place in Price County.  The man was selling a generator that he had listed on the Internet.  The man had been communicating with a Phillips woman about the transaction and they agreed to meet at a bar in the Park Falls area.  The man brought the generator and met with the woman and an unknown man for the transaction to take place.  The man did not look at the money until he was in Minocqua, which is when he realized it was counterfeit, and the police department confirmed it.  The transaction was recorded on video taken by the bar.  See related article.

2-26-2023:  A Kennan man called to request a deputy as he believed his brother covered his vehicle with snow.  He was certain his vehicle was scratched, and there were tracks all around his vehicle.  He was concerned something may have been put in the gas tank or harm may have been done to the tractor.

2-26-23:  Snow was plowed into a pile on School Street in Catawba, making it impassable to traffic.

2-26-23:  During a traffic stop, dispatch received a call from a woman that her vehicle had been stolen.  The vehicle she reported as stolen was the vehicle involved in the traffic stop that was taking place.

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2-3-2023:  Received a complaint from an employee of a local business that he was assaulted by his supervisor while at work.  An officer responded to investigate.  Two hours later, police were notified of a damage to property complaint that occurred at the same local business.  Investigation pending.

2-4-2023:  Received a report of an ex boyfriend causing a disturbance in the crawl space under a residence in the City of Phillips.  An officer responded to the residence and determined there was no unusual activity occurring and no one had been inside the crawl space.

2-5-2023:  Received a phone call of smoke in the area of a residence in the City of Phillips.  Phillips Police responded and discovered steam from a dryer vent was the cause.

2-5-2023:  Received a report of snowmobiles operating off the trail in Elk Lake Park being driven in a reckless manner.  An officer checked the area; however, the snowmobiles had departed prior to the officer arriving.

2-6-2023:  An officer spoke to a complainant who advised she was received harassing text messages from her ex-friend.  The complainant advised that she would like an officer to speak to her ex-friend and advise her not to contact her any longer.  And officer contacted the ex-friend and asked her not to contact the complainant any longer.

2-6-2023:  Received a call reporting a person with a felony warrant from Colorado was staying at a motel in the City of Phillips.  One adult male was located and taken into custody on a parole violation felony warrant that was issued from Colorado.

2-7-2023:  Met with an adult male who wanted to report an assault that occurred on January 28, 2023 with an another adult male.  An investigation is pending.

2-7-2023:  Assisted a local school district with investigating an incident that occurred on the playground.  The incident involved several juvenile male students getting into an altercation.  An officer assisted by monitoring students as a school official determined what occurred.  It was determined the students would be disciplined within the school and no law enforcement action was required.

2-8-2023:  Received a phone call from an adult female who asked if an officer could tell her friend that was staying with her that she did not want the person living with her any longer because of hygiene issues.  An officer spoke with the male individual and relayed the message. The officer told the male that the officer could not keep him from going to the residence but was relaying the message.  The male said he would not go back to the residence.

2-8-2023:  Received information from an adult female that she had found a small bag containing methamphetamine in the pocket of her significant other's pants.  The adult female stated she removed the illegal substance from her residence and called the police.  The adult female provided the officer with the illegal substance and completed a statement of how she had obtained the drugs.  The adult male suspect was later located and placed under arrest for possession of methamphetamine and felony bail jumping.

2-10-2023:  Received information of a stolen chainsaw that was in the bed of a truck of a city resident.  The chainsaw was reported stolen to the Taylor County Sheriff's Office.  Phillips Police were able to recover the chainsaw.  A Taylor County deputy retrieved the chainsaw from the Phillips Police Department and interviewed the male suspect who was in custody at the Price County Jail.

2-11-2023:  Received information about multiple incidents of sexual assault from a victim which had occurred several years prior.  The incident is under investigation.

2-13-2023:  Advised of a battery incident that occurred at a local school.  An officer investigated the incident and will be referring one juvenile male to the Price County Human Services Department.

2-16-2023:  Assisted with removing an unruly child from a local school bus.  An officer assisted the elementary school staff with the removal of the student.

2-18-2023:  Met with a female who reported that her vehicle slid on the ice striking a dumpster.  The female stated that she did not believe there was damage at the scene, but when she returned home, she noticed there was damage.

2-20-2023:  At 5:35 p.m., police received a report of an accident where the driver hit two vehicles and ran his vehicle into a street sign.  The driver of the striking vehicle fled the scene.  Later, an adult male came to the scene and stated that he was the driver of the vehicle, and he had been drinking.  Witnesses stated the male claiming to be the driver was not the driver.  Officers were able to locate the driver based on witness statements.  One adult male was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated 7th Offense.  See related article.

2-21-2023:  Assisted the Price County Sheriff's Department with a male individual who was calling the Price County Dispatch Center and making vulgar comments.  An officer arrived at the residence and spoke with the male individual until Price County deputies arrived.  The male was warned for his actions and Probation and Parole was contacted.

2-22-2023:  Received a report that two juvenile boys had gotten physical with each other at a school event two days prior.  Discipline was being handled by the school.  A school official asked that the school resource officer speak with both juveniles about consequences should the behavior occur in the future.  A report was generated to document the incident.

2-24-2023:  Responded to report of a male that had fallen and struck his head and was not breathing outside the City of Phillips.  The officer arrived on scene and preformed CPR until the Central Price County Ambulance arrived.  The male subject was pronounced dead at the scene.

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2-1-2023:  Deputies responded to a domestic situation with two male juveniles out of control and fighting with their parents. One male juvenile had a bloody nose and the other male juvenile had barricaded himself in a bedroom containing firearms.  One male was arrested.

2-3-2023:  A person reported that he followed a male home after he "flipped him off" and had a yelling argument, but the reporting party stated he did not want anything done.

2-6-2023:  Responded to an argument between two adults, which was an ongoing situation for several weeks.  An officer spoke to both individuals regarding the situation and tried to mediate.

2-6-2023: Information came from Manitowoc County Sheriff's Office referencing a traffic stop that led to the finding of a check from the Chequamegon School District.  The check appeared to be stolen after the school had mailed it out.

2-7-2023:  A caller stated that there was an unknown man stalking her in the library.  However, the claim turned out to be unfounded as the caller knew the man and had asked to meet him there.

2-10-2023:  Officers responded to the nursing home for the report of a male in the building who was not supposed to be there.  Upon arriving, officers learned the suspect had departed in his vehicle.

2-10-2023:  Individuals came to the police department to report neighbors yelling at their contractor who was plowing their driveway.  The issue was handled with a no contact placed on them.

2-11-2023:  Police assisted Price County Sheriff’s Office with a snowmobile that had struck a tree.  One passenger was life-flighted while another was transported to the local hospital.  See related articles, Fatal Snowmobile Crash Takes Life of Little Girl and Remembering Kaylee, An 8-Year Old Girly Girl Filled with Joy.

2-12-2023:  Officers received information that a male was currently at a bar. Upon investigation, officers discovered the man had numerous warrants for his arrest. Officers observed the male subject outside of the bar and took him into custody without incident.

2-17-2023: An officer responded to Park Falls Hardwoods regarding a man who had gotten his hand stuck in a machine and was bleeding heavily.  An officer arrived and controlled the bleeding with first aid.  The man was transported to the hospital.

2-21-2023:  Officers responded when a female stated she wanted a male to leave her residence and for law enforcement to take away his medications. Upon investigation, it was deemed the male resided at her residence and the medications were prescribed to the male.  The female ultimately stated she would be filing a complaint at the police department and with federal DEA agents.

2-21-2023:  An off-duty officer was walking with a friend on Case Avenue when a dog from a residence began running at them.  The off-duty officer and her friend then encountered the owner of the dog who had been using profane language toward the two.  On-duty officers investigated the matter further, and the male began using profane language towards the officers.  The male was cited for disorderly conduct.

2-24-2023:  A caller reported numerous criminal activities going on inside someone else's home including child abuse, possession of THC, and felon in possession of a firearm.  This is an ongoing investigation.

2-24-2023:  Officers responded and assisted with a fire call at Park Falls Hardwoods.  There were no injuries as a result of the fire.  See related article.

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My Northern Wisconsin, 03-03-2023, 02:40 AM


At approximately 12:53 a.m. on Thursday, March 2, 2023, a 911 call was received regarding a snowmobile crash on Trail 20 in the Town of Mercer.

A witness at the scene was instructed by emergency dispatchers on how to administer CPR to the unresponsive snowmobiler.  The call dropped and dispatch had to re-establish contact several times until emergency services arrived to take over care of the snowmobiler.  Unfortunately, life-saving measures were not successful, and the snowmobiler was pronounced deceased at the scene.

In determining the cause of the crash, investigators believe the snowmobiler failed to negotiate a curve, left the trail, and hit several trees.

Mercer Ambulance, Mercer Fire, Iron County Sheriff's deputies, and the Wisconsin DNR all reported to the scene.

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News: Vilas County    No Replies

My Northern Wisconsin, 03-02-2023, 03:29 PM

On Thursday, March 2, 2023, the Vilas County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center received a 911 call.  The caller reported his detached garage was on fire on Deerskin Road in the Town of Phelps. 

There were no injuries reported.

Phelps Fire Department, Phelps Ambulance Service, Conover Fire Department, WE Energies, and the Vilas County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene, but the detached garage was a total loss.

Based on the initial investigation by law enforcement, the cause of the fire was likely related to an outdoor wood furnace, which was located beside the garage.

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News: Phillips, Kennan, and Catawba    No Replies

My Northern Wisconsin, 03-01-2023, 12:40 PM


The Price County Sheriff's Office is investigating an incident involving counterfeit money.

A search warrant was conducted in the Township of Worcester, and two suspects were taken into custody.  The suspects are being investigated in Price County, as well as throughout Wisconsin, for passing counterfeit U.S. currency.

According to the sheriff's office, "The suspects are known to pass $20 and $50 bills.  The serial number on the counterfeit U.S. $20 bill is JE 28112820 G.  The serial number on the counterfeit US $50 bill is JJ 28129343 A."

If you have received one of these counterfeit bills, you are asked to contact your local law enforcement agency or Price County Deputy Taylor Drake at 715-339-3011.

The sheriff's office reminded residents, "Please be mindful to inspect all money you receive."

Updated 3/7/2023:

The Minocqua Police Department contacted the Price County Sheriff's Office stating a man from their area reported receiving counterfeit money from a transaction that took place in Price County.

The man was selling a generator that he had listed on the Internet.  The man had been communicating with a Phillips woman about the transaction and they agreed to meet at a bar in the Park Falls area.

The man brought the generator to the bar and met with the woman and an unknown man for the transaction to take place.

The man selling the generator did not look at the money until he was in Minocqua, which is when he realized it was counterfeit, and the police department in Minocqua confirmed the money was counterfeit.

The transaction was recorded on video taken by the bar.

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News: Rusk County    No Replies

My Northern Wisconsin, 03-01-2023, 03:25 AM


The Rusk County Sheriff's Office is asking the public to contact them with any information regarding the location of Jason Johnson.

Jason is a 37-year old white male with blue eyes and brown hair weighing about 243 pounds and standing six feet tall.  He was reported missing by a family member and was last seen at his residence in Sheldon, WI on Sunday, February 19, 2023.


He was last seen wearing a green camouflage hooded sweatshirt, dark blue quarter zip sweater, dark color winter jacket, and blue jeans.

Jason has not shown up to work or contacted family or friends since that time, which is abnormal for Jason. 


He drives a white 2014 Chevrolet Sonic with Wisconsin license plate 329-ZCZ.  His vehicle was spotted in Barron, WI from February 20th to the 23rd.  It  has been confirmed he stayed in Millston, WI from February 24th to the 26th.  He was also seen in the La Crosse area from February 25th to the 27th.

There is concern for Jason's safety and well-being.  Anyone with information is asked to contact the Rusk County Sheriff's Office at 715-532-2200.

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News: Sawyer County    No Replies

My Northern Wisconsin, 03-01-2023, 03:14 AM

On Tuesday, February 28, 2023 at 5:54 a.m., Sawyer County Sheriff’s deputies, assisted by the Bayfield County Sheriff’s Office, Sawyer County EMS, Town and City of Hayward Fire Departments, Wisconsin State Patrol, and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources responded to a 911 call.

The call was in regard to a two-vehicle crash, which  involved a semi-trailer truck and a vehicle, located on US Highway 63 near the intersection of Northern Lights Road in the Town of Lenroot.

A 1999 Chevrolet Tracker operated by Harley J. Karow, 27, of Cable, WI was traveling north on US Hwy 63 when it crossed the centerline.  Harley's vehicle struck, head on, a southbound semi trailer truck driven by Thomas A. Franchek, 55, of Ashland, WI.

Harley sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene.  A passenger in the Karow vehicle, Andrew J. Ferguson, 31, of Hayward, WI sustained life-threatening injuries and was air lifted to a Minnesota hospital to treat his injuries.  The extent of his injuries is unknown at this time.  The driver of the semi trailer truck did not have any reported injuries.

The crash remains under investigation by the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Office, Wisconsin State Patrol, and the Sawyer County Coroner’s Office.

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