On November 4, 2021, the clock tower went up in Phillips.  One year later, its pocket park is nearing completion.


Gary Gabrielsen did the prep work for the concrete on October 4, 2022, with rebar provided by Phillips Lumber & Hardware, and he poured the concrete the next day.  Gary volunteered all his time, and Northern Lakes Concrete donated the cement for the project.  Jim Heizler, from the City of Phillips Department of Public Works, assisted with the removal of the asphalt pieces, delivery of the sand, and backhoe work.


On November 3, 2022, Dennis Onchuck and Mic Peterson installed the black metal railing with assistance from Gary Hall, donating all their time.  Dennis also donated the concrete anchor bolts, and Mike Johnson donated the use of his hammer drill.  This railing serves as a visual barrier and decorative purpose to offset the pocket park from the parking lot.  The railing had to be placed in from the sidewalk a bit so that the City of Phillips will be able to get their snow removal and sweeper equipment on the sidewalks where needed.


Arriving on November 4, 2022 was the plaque, which was installed in the pole.  The plaque gives a history of the clock and recognizes larger contributors to the restoration project.  Brian Hopperdietzel at Marshfield Monument, located in Marshfield, Wisconsin, was hired to create this plaque.  However, he chose to donate a plaque to the project.  He also delivered and installed the plaque.  "After reading through the history of the clock and what the three ladies accomplished to bring it back to Phillips, I thought this is the least I can do for the project," Brian said.  "Far too often society finds it easier to discard pieces of history instead of restoring and keeping them alive through awareness."

The three ladies, Davette Hrabak, Judy Hayton, and Lynne Bohn, want to thank everyone who was involved in the project.  "Most people who worked on the clock felt a connection to it, and we truly appreciate everyone's donations of time, money, supplies, and any and all assistance, whether large or small.  We needed all these people to bring the clock back to life," the ladies shared.

Since it is rather late in the year, benches will be placed in the pocket park next year, sometime in mid to late Spring 2023.


For those who missed the clock article from one year ago, which highlights the history and restoration of the clock, it can be read at this link.

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