What good is a public basketball court if there aren't any basketballs to play with at the court?  That is the question that was asked by Jeff Heikkinen and his son, JJ, a few years ago.  "We thought a basketball court needed basketballs," said Jeff.  At that time, the Heikkinen family donated basketballs to the court.

Jeff has always had a passion for basketball.  "I went to high school in Prentice and graduated in 1996.  I played basketball in an era where either the boys' or girls' teams made it to State very frequently!  I was fortunate enough to play on the ‘95 State team."  Given Jeff's life-long love of the sport, the public basketball courts soon became a project the Heikkinens were focused on, beyond donating basketballs.  "We decided to redo the backboards and make the original courts a lot nicer.  We got so much community support that we decided to raise funds for another court with adjustable rims for the younger kids to be able to play," Jeff shared.

The father-son duo always had an even greater dream in mind, which was to create a 3 on 3 basketball tournament.  Last year, that dream became a reality over Independence Day weekend.

"It was a great turnout with 25 teams and over 80 kids participating," Jeff remarked.  "The adjustable rims made it possible for a kindergarten through third grade division, which was so fun to watch."  At the event, many of the adults helped the kids sharpen their basketball skills.  "The goal behind all of this was to bring the community together and share my love for basketball with the youth!" Jeff summarized.  "I’m truly blessed to be able to help our youth learn this game!"

This year, the 3 on 3 basketball tournament is back.  Known as Roundball Revolution, it will be held on Saturday, July 2, 2022 at 9 a.m. in Elk Lake Park.  Helping Jeff put this all together is Jeff's right hand man for this event, Steve Teeters, who volunteered to help with the tournament.  Steve commented on Jeff's dedication to the event, "A lot of great things have happened in our town over the past several years because of people like Jeff.  He loves the area and has a passion for sports.  When you put those two things together, something great can happen.  I expect this event to grow and for everyone to have a great time."

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Steve isn't the only one pitching in to make Jeff's dream a reality.  Jeff's wife, Heather; Jeff Moenssen; and Nathan Podeweltz are also volunteering their time.  "Jeff, Nate, and Steve share my passion for local athletics, and I'm so happy they are on board to help!" Jeff added.

The tournament will have five age groups from kindergarten through 12th grade.  To sign up, fill out the registration form, submit it to, and pay the team entry fee of $40.  Each participant is required to bring at least one non-perishable food item for donation, as well.  For more information, follow Roundball Revolution on Facebook at

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