Reports received by the police departments in Price County for the month have been condensed and summarized.


4/1/2022:  A caller reported a female walking in the ditch on Hwy. 13 north of Phillips.  Since the female was weaving on the side of the road, the caller was concerned she may walk into traffic.

4/2/2022:  A man reported that a vehicle pulled into his driveway the night prior to put a payment in a drop box, and when the driver did not put the vehicle in park, it hit the man's attached garage and wall attached to his house, causing a great amount of damage.  The woman said she rang the doorbell but no one answered, so she called the next morning to advise the homeowner of the damage and provide insurance information.

4/3/2022:  A woman was driving a UTV the day prior, and when she went to turn into the driveway of a residence, a delivery van was passing her.  A low-speed accident occurred.  The driver stopped to make sure everyone was okay but added, "We don't need to call the police, right?"  The woman agreed at the time, but after giving it more thought, decided to report the accident to the police the next day.

4/4/2022:  An accident occurred near the county line.  No injuries were reported and there was no entrapment.  The vehicle was reported to be very far in the ditch and would need to be towed out.

4/4/2022:  A man reported he had been hacked.  He said he noticed a charge for a porn site on his account.  He contacted the bank to dispute the charge, but the bank advised there had been a phone call approving the transaction.  The man said the bank told him to purchase a gift card from the bank and then they could dispute the charge.

4/5/2022:  A woman reported being punched in the back of the head by a man outside a bar in Park Falls.

4/5/2022:  A man reported a two vehicle accident with injuries north of Phillips.  Both drivers were reported out of their vehicles.

4/6/2022:  An employee at a resort in Butternut reported a woman was harassing the establishment, complaining that they do not have the food or drinks she wants and calling a bartender at their home.  The woman has been asked not to come back to the bar but she continues to come back and complain.

4/6/2022:  A man reported that a bald eagle flew out of the woods on Hwy. 70 and flew into the front of his truck.  He and other motorists stopped; one person attempted to contact the DNR, and a Native American man said a prayer over the eagle and sprinkled tobacco on the ground around it.  The Native American man took the eagle with him so he could perform a ceremony for it.

4/7/2022:  Price County Forestry and Parks advised individuals moved two picnic tables onto the ice one day and again moved one picnic table back out onto the ice at Smith Lake County Park.

4/8/2022:  A welfare check was requested by an insurance company on a man who stated he was having a hard time breathing, was coughing, and was worried about the cost of an ambulance, so he said he would drive himself to the hospital, but the insurance company was worried he would not make it.  The man did make it to the hospital.

4/9/2022:  A woman reported that a vehicle flew off the roadway approximately 50 feet past the ditch line.  Her husband was at the vehicle talking to the driver, and the caller requested an ambulance.

4/9/2022:  A man stated his friend had stripped naked and was breaking things in his garage.  He believed the man was high on mushrooms.  The man called back hours later to report his friend drank half a gallon of Fireball and was out of control, running down the road, jumping into a ditch, and acting crazy.

4/11/22:  A woman reported seeing a man, who looked like he was in distress, sitting on the side of the highway in Prentice.

4/11/22:  A woman reported that a neighbor in an apartment building in Prentice told her in an angry manner, "Just you wait.  You'll get what you deserve."  A week later the caller had two pairs of pants hanging in the laundry room, and she believes they were stolen by the woman given she was the only person in the apartment building at the time.

4/13/22:  A school bus was reported as being tipped partially on its side on a flooded road.  The caller reported that her husband was helping get the kids off the bus.

4/13/22:  A man reported his shop by his house was on fire but he was away from his house and the fire, and he requested the fire department respond to his residence.

4/17/22:  A man reported seeing an older man sitting in a ditch line in Kennan.  A deputy responded and reported a small fire in the ditch line.

4/18/22:  A woman reported that her boyfriend was hurt when his vehicle went into a ditch and requested an ambulance.

4/18/22:  Multiple 911 calls were received for a large structure fire in the Township of Flambeau.  No one was reported to be in the structure or the house adjacent to the building, but the structure was reported to be fully engulfed in flames and explosions were coming from the fire.

4/19/22:  A man called stating he works for a Japanese company in Park Falls, and they were making him work in the dark.  The man requested a deputy bring him to a shelter, but dispatch advised the Sheriff's Office does not give rides.

4/20/22:  A Prentice woman called to report slander in her apartment building stating she was afraid to leave her apartment because her neighbor kept slandering her name to other residents.

4/20/22:  A man called to report part of a road was washed out in the Township of Hackett.

4/21/22:  An employee at a gas station in Prentice called to report a female had stopped to purchase gas, and when she opened her trunk, the caller believed she saw a person in the trunk.  The female left the gas station and headed toward downtown Prentice.

4/21/22:  A caller reported a 10 feet by 10 to 20 feet object in the water on Long Lake.  Another woman called to say her tent had blown away into the water and she would retrieve it.

4/23/22:  A man reported a male had pulled a hand gun at a bar and fired two shots.  The caller was unsure if anyone was injured.  Contact was made with the bar.  No one was injured and all parties took off in white and blue pick-up trucks.

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4/7/22 - A domestic animal was found by a caller who was walking outside.  After investigation, it was determined the animal was abandoned by the owner and that person received a citation for animal abandonment.

4/9/22 - Police assisted with an accident that caused an injury in the Township of Flambeau.

4/9/22 - A minor two vehicle accident occurred at a local business.

4/10/22 - Police received a call reporting a fire alarm had been activated due to food burning while cooking inside an apartment.  An officer verified there wasn't a fire and contacted a caretaker to reset the alarm.

4/11/22 - A trespassing issue occurred at a local school over the weekend.  Some damage to school property was reported.

4/13/22 - A person reported a neighbor's house may be on fire.  An officer arrived and observed the residence was merely having a campfire.

4/14/22 - Police executed two search warrants for the possession and distribution of methamphetamine on Kimball Street and Storms Road.  Two men were arrested.

4/14/22 - Phillips Police were notified by the Price County Sheriff's Department of a property damage accident involving a Price County deputy.  An officer viewed the damage and believed the damage did not meet the reportable threshold.

4/19/22 - Police responded to a two vehicle collision on North Lake Avenue.  No injuries were reported.  One driver was cited for failure to yield right of way.

4/19/22 - A local business reported a person throwing away a deer carcass in their garbage, and the business was going to review video surveillance.

4/20/22 - Police issued a raze order on a city residence on Kimball Street as it was in violation of numerous city ordinances.

4/20/22 - A home owner reported they had a squatter at their residence.

4/20/22 - Police assisted the Price County Sheriff's Department with an EMP check on a residence in the City of Phillips.  Illegal contraband was found, and a man was arrested.

4/21/22 - Police were advised of damage to city property.

4/21/22 - Police assisted the Phillips Fire Department with a fire call at an apartment complex.  An officer arrived and determined there was nobody in the apartment.  The fire department arrived and observed that the fire was extinguished, so they used fans to clear out the smoke.  All units were cleared shortly after.

4/21/22 - A person staying at a local motel was arrested for Possession with Intent to Deliver Methamphetamine, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Felony Bail Jumping.

4/22/22 - A welfare check was requested on a woman's elderly mother.  Police found the woman at her residence, and she advised police that her phone was off as she had been at the movie theater.

4/23/22 - Police assisted the Price County Sheriff's Department with a male who fired a firearm into the air at a bar in Prentice.  Officers located the man and arrested him.

4/23/22 - A woman reported an odor of natural gas on Flambeau Avenue.  The utility company had already been notified and were going to fix the problem.

4/27/22 - A motel reported a man left without paying for 3 weeks.  The man was referred to the district attorney's office for fraud on a hotel.

4/27/22 - A man reported that he believed another man had put something in his soap.  An officer spoke with the man and advised him there was nothing in his soap.  The man asked for extra patrol around his residence.

4/29/22 - A home owner received a courtesy violation notice for having two mattresses and other debris in the back yard.  The owner was given 72 hours to clean it up.

4/29/22 - A courtesy violation was issued to a citizen for a health code violation of refuse on their property.  They were issued a five day notice to come into compliance.

4/30/22 - Police received a report of theft from a residence by a home care employee.  The officer searched the residence and could not find the item that was reported stolen.

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4/4/22 - An officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle.  Upon investigation, officers detected the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle.  Ultimately, the driver was arrested for OWI - 3rd Offense.

4/5/22 - A person reported a domestic abuse incident that occurred in a vehicle in front of a bar.  The victim reported battery.  A suspect was located and arrested.

4/8/22 - Upon completing a bar check, an officer located two dogs within the building.  The officer discovered the animals were not licensed through Price County and it was unknown if the animals had been properly vaccinated.

4/11/22 - A person placed "no trespassing" barrels on city right of way in front of his driveway.  He was asked to move the barrels off right of way and did so.

4/11/22 - An officer was dispatched to the area of Paddock Avenue and Avery Avenue for the report of a large amount of smoke coming from a residence.  Upon investigation, the officer spoke with one homeowner who was burning wood in his fire pit.

4/11/22 - There was a report of disturbance at a residence.  A suspect was banging on a window. Officers arrived, and the suspect fled on foot. The suspect stopped and was subsequently warned for trespassing and disorderly conduct.

4/12/2022 - At approximately 1:30 a.m., officers identified one female in a gas station parking lot. It was found that the female had a warrant out for her arrest.  Officers made contact with the female, and she was placed under arrest.  Officers made contact with the male passenger, as well. It was found that the male passenger also had a warrant out for his arrest.  The male was then taken into custody.  Upon searching the male subject, drug paraphernalia items were located on him.

4/12/22 - An adult man's possessions were found at a business in an old sauna area.  The man was homeless and had been living there without the owner's permission.

4/12/22 - An officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for an illegible front license plate.  Upon investigation, the officer arrested one female driver for Felony Bail Jumping.  Upon searching the female, the officer located THC and drug paraphernalia on her.  The female was transported to the Price County Jail where a probation hold was put into place, as well.

4/14/22 - An officer responded to a Park Falls gas station for a battery and disorderly conduct incident.  A suspect was arrested and transported to Price County Jail.

4/18/22 - A man requested to speak with an officer at his residence to report a hit and run accident. There was a large dent / crease in the driver's side front quarter panel in excess of the reporting limits.  A Wisconsin motor vehicle crash report was completed. There are no suspects at this time.

4/19/22 - An officer took information form Racine Police Department for a runaway juvenile who may be within the City of Park Falls.  The case was referred to the Price County Sheriff's Office. The officer assisted PRSO in an attempt to locate the juvenile. The juvenile was not located.

4/23/22 - An officer received a call from a Park Falls grocery store regarding a found green card.  An officer obtained the green card and could not locate the owner.  An officer checked TLOXP, in house records, and Price County records. The green card will be mailed to Texas per instructions located on the green card.

4/25/22 - An officer assisted a Price County deputy on a traffic stop when an officer observed drug paraphernalia in the vehicle.  One male subject was arrested for Possession of Methamphetamine and Felony Bail Jumping.

4/30/22 - An officer spoke with a male subject who came to the police department to turn himself in upon a warrant.  Ultimately, the officer arrested the male subject upon the warrant.  The subject was then released upon the Price County Jail's decision not to house him in their jail.

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