Reports received by the police departments in Price County for the month have been condensed and summarized.

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Reports from 5/1 to 5/9 were not received from the Sheriff's Office at the time of this publication.

5/10/22:  A woman reported people yelling in an alley behind her home in Phillips.  She heard a woman yell, "You're going to jail, Bobby."

5/11/22:  A man called 911 to report a vehicle drove into a gas station in Phillips.  A person was trapped.  The person was conscious and breathing.

5/11/22:  A woman reported that another woman hacked her Facebook account, changing her e-mail address and password, and blackmailing her stating she would not give the Facebook account back to her until the woman gave her Netflix log-in information and $50.

5/12/22:  An Ogema man reported multiple storage units were broken into.  The locks had been cut off of two units and one unit had an open door.

5/13/22:  A woman reported word for word plagiarism of her news article by a TV station.  The information was given to be kept on file.

5/16/22:  A woman reported four-wheelers or dirt bikes tearing around north of her for half an hour.  She stated the noise was really loud.  An officer patrolled the area but could not locate the vehicles.

5/17/22 - An Ogema man called to report his vehicle was on fire.  Fire departments responded.

5/17/22 - An e-mail scam was received by an organization.  The person sending the message stated the request came from the organization's president and the secretary/treasurer was supposed to write a check for $7,401 and send it to an address in Mississippi for a convention meeting conference.  The organization's president was called, and she said she did not instruct anyone to make the payment.  The secretary/treasurer did not make the payment, so no money was lost.

5/17/22 - A woman called for a welfare check on her parents who had driven to their cabin in the Town of Lake after being informed by a caller that there was a gas leak in the area and their cabin needed to be entered.  The woman could not make contact with her parents.  Neighbors stated they had seen the couple multiple times that week.  A door hanger was left at the cabin by the police.

5/17/22 - A woman called to report a strong, foul smell at the neighbor's property.  She thought a dead horse or other deceased animal was under a tarp at the property.

5/17/22 - A woman called from a motel in the City of Park Falls to report there was some sort of disturbance occurring in Room #2.  A male subject was doing a lot of yelling and demanding a female to do something, though the caller could not understand what the male was telling the female to do.  The caller thought an officer should check on the female.

5/18/22 - A man called 911 to report a one vehicle roll-over accident in the Township of Fifield.  A deputy responded.  Pike Lake First Responders, Pike Lake Fire Department, and Fifield Fire Department responded.

5/18/22 - A woman called to report she was working at a bar when
an older lady came into the establishment and was looking for some food.  She stated she gave the lady a ride back to her residence in the Township of Elk, as she had walked to the bar.  After returning from giving the lady a ride, staff members and some patrons told the caller the lady had made comments stating she was going to kill herself.

5/19/22 - A man reported he found several plastic gallon containers on the side of State Highway 70 in the Township of Fifield.  The containers held various colored liquids.  One container had a balloon attached with a crystal like substance inside.

5/19/22 - A man called 911 to report a three wheeler rolled over in the Town of Lake.  One person was injured.

5/20/22 - A man reported there was an unknown male intruder in his home in Park Falls.  He stated the person appeared to be intoxicated.

5/21/22 - A Prentice woman reported her storage unit was broken into.  The unit was a pull through unit.  She opened one side and the other door was opened and the lock appeared to be cut.  She said there was another vehicle there, and she believed that was the offender; however, she did not see the person nor did she have a vehicle description.  She said that there were items missing and damaged.

5/21/22 - A man called 911 to report a semi roll over accident. He stated the driver was pinned but was not believed to be
injured.  Prentice Ambulance Service, Catawba Fire Department, and Kennan Fire Department responded.  Prentice Ambulance requested a helicopter.

Reports from 5/22 to 5/31 were not received from the Sheriff's Office at the time of this publication.

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5/2/22 - The Phillips Police Department was dispatched to a residence where it was reported that an unwanted male subject was in the basement of the residence.  An officer arrived and spoke with the male subject.  It was determined the male subject was having delusions.  The adult male believed that his neighbor had entered into his home and that if he catches his neighbor he would cause the neighbor physical harm.  The officer took the male subject into protective placement.  The male subject was then transported to a mental health facility.

5/2/22 - The Phillips Police Department served a Raze Order on a residence on Victoria Street, which had numerous health code violations.  The owner was given 30 days to comply with the order or could be given fines along with court costs.

5/3/22 - The Phillips Police Department stopped a UTV as the male operator was involved in a domestic abuse incident.  The male operator had odor of an intoxicant on his breath and was run through field sobriety testing.  As a result, the male operator was arrested for operating a UTV while intoxicated and resisted arrest.  The male was handcuffed and brought to the Price County Jail where he was booked in for Domestic Abuse, Disorderly Conduct, Battery, Strangulation, False Imprisonment, two counts of Felony Bail Jumping, and Resisting an Officer. The man was held on a felony hold and waited to see the Price County Judge for a bail/bond hearing.

5/3/22 - A phone call was received from a concerned citizen regarding her neighbor's residence on Flambeau Avenue.  The residence had water from a sump pump that appeared to be returning into the basement and creating a large hole in the ground near the foundation.  The officer contacted the on-call DPW worker and attempted to contact the owner of the property.

5/7/22 - Police observed a male and a female individual standing outside of their vehicles at the Elk Lake Park in the City of Phillips.  An officer spoke with both parties who stated they were on a date and had just finished a walk by the lake.  The officer ran both parties and cleared from the scene.

5/9/22 - Police received a report of a male individual carrying a long gun and a 30 pack of beer on a public city street in the City of Phillips.  Contact was made with the individual who had vehicle issues and was walking to his residence.  No criminal actions occurred.

5/12/22 - Police received a report of a person being physically assaulted at a private residence in the City of Phillips.  The matter is under investigation.

5/14/22 - Police were dispatched to a residence in the City of Phillips for a domestic abuse incident.  One female was arrested and transported to the Price County Jail for booking.

5/14/22 - A report was received of an assault that occurred at a residence in the City of Phillips.  Officers spoke with the female individual who stated her ex-husband came to the residence with another female to drop off their children in common.  While at the residence, the female suspect had thrown an object at her, striking her in the throat, and the female left with the ex-husband.  An investigation is ongoing.

5/16/22 - A request was received to check on the status of four juvenile children at a private residence in the City of Phillips. There was concern from the caller as the children were staying with one parent as the other parent had been arrested for a domestic abuse incident and was prohibited to contact the other parent.  An officer checked on the status of the children and found them to be doing well.

5/16/22 - Police were requested to keep the peace while an adult male removed belongings from a recently purchased residence on Kimball Street.  An officer stood by until the male subject left the residence.

5/16/22 - Police were dispatched to a residence on Kimball Street for a controlled fire.  An officer met with the owner of the residence and explained that the area was in a high fire danger and burning was prohibited.  The officer remained on scene until the fire was extinguished.

5/17/22 - A call was received about a discarded needle being located in the yard of a private residence on Kimball Street in the City of Phillips along with some other items possibly used to inject drugs.  An Officer responded and picked up the items for disposal.

5/19/22 - Police were requested to meet with an adult female regarding a property that she manages.  The adult female had noticed that the doors of the property had the locks changed and there were personal belongings, along with three cats, in the residence.  An officer responded and was able to determine who had moved their property into the residence.  The officer contacted the adult female who had moved in and requested that she pick up her belongings.  The adult female stated that she was out of town for the next few days.  The officer took custody of the three cats, and they were transported to Catkins.  The adult female will be arrested for Criminal Trespass to a Dwelling.

5/23/22 - Police were notified by the Price County Sheriff's department that a citizen had observed flashlights going in and out of buildings at the Price County Fairgrounds.  An officer responded to the Price County Fairgrounds and spoke with a male individual who stated he was in the process of buying the property and was checking to see if all the lights still worked. An officer cleared shortly after.

5/26/22 - A call was received from a resident of the City of Phillips reporting a mini dirt bike had been taken from the garage of his residence.  An officer responded to take a report. The investigation is underway.

5/26/22 -  Police received a complaint of a small child screaming that she did not want to go with a person.  An officer arrived on scene and spoke to an elderly female who advised her grandchild was trying to run away from her as she was having a difficult day.  An officer spoke to the child and found everything to be okay.  The child returned home with the grandmother.

5/27/22 - A report was received from a resident of the City of Phillips reporting concerns about the size of a fire his neighbors had last night and the fact it was still smoldering this morning.

5/27/22 - A report was received of potential stalking occurring at various residences in the City of Phillips.  An officer met with the victim.  An investigation is being conducted.

5/29/22 - Numerous failure to cut grass courtesy violation notices were issued.  The properties will need to be mowed prior to the notice date or the Department of Public Works will mow the property and bill the owner of the property.

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5/2/22 - An officer received a complaint of subjects possibly stealing from an individual with dementia. The subjects will be warned for trespassing next time they are on individual’s property.

5/2/22 - There was a complaint of dog barking. The dog had only been barking for approximately two minutes at the time of phone call.  An officer responded to the area of the complaint and listened for barking. No dogs were heard barking.

5/4/22 - Police received a call about a threatening Facebook post.  It was determined to be freedom of speech and not threatening.

5/4/22 - An officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle. After ending the traffic stop, the juvenile driver accelerated rapidly at a high rate of speed, causing smoke behind his vehicle. An officer then conducted a second traffic stop on the same vehicle. The juvenile driver received two citations.

5/4/22 - An officer was dispatched to a sink hole forming under the road on Kaile.

5/5/22 - Officers responded to the report of two individuals in an active physical altercation in the Price Ice recreational area parking lot.  Officers located all parties involved and investigated the matter.  No charges resulted from the investigation.

5/6/22 - A reporting party believed that someone had attempted to light a fire under her porch. Upon investigating, there had been a small fire, which was no longer burning.  Remains of the fire were dowsed with water.  It is unknown what or who caused the fire.

5/6/22 - An officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle which was operating left of center.  Upon investigation, one male driver was placed under arrest for felony bail jumping, possessing THC, possessing drug paraphernalia, and concealing a knife as a felon.

5/6/22 - A welfare check was requested for male individual who was lying on the ground outside of a motel.  Officers checked the welfare and found the man to be extremely intoxicated.  The ambulance was paged.  The man denied transportation to the hospital.

5/7/22 - A domestic incident, which resulted in an arrest for disorderly conduct, battery, and misdemeanor bail jumping, occurred.  The suspect bonded out of jail.

5/7/22 - officers responded to the report of a domestic violence incident.  The suspect was arrested and transported to Price County Jail.  The suspect bonded out.

5/12/22 - Officers responded to a fallen tree on a residence due to strong winds before a thunderstorm. The homeowners were not hurt. An officer photographed the damage to the garage and vehicle. DPW assisted by removing the fallen tree from the roadway.

5/14/22 - An officer received a dispatch for a subject reporting their checkbook was stolen from their residence. Upon arrival, the subject stated they found their checkbook.

5/14/22 - An officer responded to a residence to speak with homeowners over owning chickens. The property owners stated they had a permit to own the chickens within the city limits.  The owners given 14 days to show proof of permit.

5/14/22 - An officer received information of a downed electrical line on 5th Avenue South. DPW was contacted regarding the matter and cut the line as it was a telephone line.  The road was cleared.

5/17/22 - A report of an unconscious male lying on the steps of an apartment building was received.  An officer responded in emergency mode. Upon arrival, the officer found the male to be intoxicated and lying down on the steps. No medical attention was needed.

5/18/22 - A welfare check was requested on a man.  He was located in his bathroom, naked and cleaning. He answered questions appropriately and refused an ambulance.

5/20/22 - An officer responded to a residence for the report of a male suspect entering a victims' residence without permission.  An officer located the suspect in the basement of the residence as he had fallen down the stairs.  In conclusion, the suspect was arrested upon the charges of criminal trespass to a dwelling and misdemeanor bail jumping.

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