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Reports received by the police departments in Price County for the month have been condensed and summarized.

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10/1/22 - A woman reported her dog was stolen by a friend of hers after they had a verbal argument.  The friend, who lives in Illinois, felt he was owed money and was going to keep her dog until she paid him.

10/2/22 - A man in the Town of Worcester heard gun shots in the morning and discovered damage to his screen door and porch area.

10/4/22 - A Phillips man reported his mailbox was stolen and a pension check may have been inside the mailbox.

10/4/22 - An Ogema man stated his pop-up camper was missing but called back later to state it was found half a mile away.

10/4/22 - A theft occurred at a Prentice grocery store with photographs of the suspect and suspect's vehicle.

10/5/22 - A two-vehicle accident was reported in Ogema with no injuries.

10/6/22 - A Park Falls woman called for assistance with her brother who was intoxicated and hit her on the head.

10/7/22 - A search warrant was conducted in the Township of Ogema.  Chief Deputy Brian Roush, Lt. Joseph Lillie, Lt. Danielle Peterson, Investigator Krissy Trimble, Investigator Robert Hawn, Chief Jerry Ernst, Sergeant Marvin Nevelier, Corrections Officer Mark Hill, and Deputies Dean Merlak, Taylor Drake, Joel Eder, Bryan Vergin, Breydon Johnson, and Chris Jarosinski responded.

10/8/22 - A Park Falls woman reported three scam calls with the caller stating they were from the Price County Jail.  The caller stated they were an inmate, but the woman said she did not know any jail inmates.

10/9/22 - An Ogema woman stated another woman was harassing her by hacking into Facebook and sending her voice messages.

10/11/22 - A woman reported a man on the ground in a parking lot possibly having a seizure.  It was found the man had multiple warrants, including one in Jefferson County, and he was requested he be held.

10/11/22 - A worker at a gas station in Fifield reported a man was obnoxious and disorderly, upset there was not any windshield solution at the pumps.  The man yelled and swore at the worker.  The man went outside and brought his windshield wiper in and threw it on the counter.  The man yelled and swore at patrons.  He was driving a red truck.

10/12/22 - A vehicle slowed but would not stop for a traffic stop.  The vehicle pulled into an ice cream shop and the driver fled on foot.  The subject was taken into custody.

10/15/22 - A woman called reporting someone drove into her vehicle in the City of Phillips, and she believed the man may be injured.

10/15/22 - A traffic stop resulted in a vehicle being searched and one man being taken into custody.

10/16/22 - A woman reported another woman was outside her home trying to gain entry, and the woman trying to enter had threatened to kill her and her children earlier in the day.

10/17/22 - Two people reported an accident south of Phillips on Highway 13.  The man stated one vehicle was up against trees and there were likely injuries.  There was entrapment and a medical helicopter was requested but unavailable due to weather.  The person had facial, chest, and leg injuries.  The person could feel their legs, but they could not move.  A plane could be available at the airport in Phillips in an hour, but Emergency Medical Services declined as they wanted to get the patient to the hospital quicker for medical care.  When clearing from the area, a deputy received a report of a rear-end collision in the area.

10/17/22 - A man reported his camper trailer was missing from his cabin.

10/18/22 - A woman reported an intoxicated woman on a motorcycle who came to her door swearing at her and pounding on the door.  The caller believed the woman pounding on her door was upset because her boyfriend was at her house getting something repaired.

10/21/22 - A bearded lizard was found in the City of Phillips.

10/21/22 - A woman called to report that the same cat that was taken to animal rescue one week prior was back at her house in Phillips.

10/23/22 - Multiple people reported a vehicle on fire.  No occupants were in the vehicle.

10/25/22 - The medical center called to report a sex offense that occurred in the Township of Georgetown.

10/26/22 - A man reported his brother, who may have been under the influence, tried to stab him with a knife, but the man did not have any injuries.

10/26/22 - A man and his dog became lost in the woods while bird hunting.  Police responded, and the man was located safely.

10/30/22 - A man was the victim of a scam on Facebook Marketplace.  The man paid $1,800 for the purchase and delivery of a dog he never received.

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10/1/22:  A courtesy notice was given to a residence on Argyle Avenue stating they needed to clean up their piles of junk and could not have more than three animals at their residence.

10/10/22: Responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle on Storms Road.  Officers responded and met with the complainant after attempting to locate the vehicle. The vehicle was not located.

10/11/22:  A concerned citizen came to the Phillips Police Department to report suspicious activity around his residence on Argyle Avenue.  Officers patrolled the area and did not locate any suspicious activity.

10/12/22: Received a complaint from the Phillips Department of Public Works Director about damage that was done inside the men's bathroom of the Elk Park Pavilion the night prior.  An officer watched video surveillance of the pavilion and was able to identify three male juveniles. Interviews were to be conducted.

10/15/22: Received a report of a vehicle striking two legally parked vehicles on South Argyle Avenue / Walnut Street.  One adult was transported by ambulance to a local hospital.  The accident is under investigation.  It is believed a medical condition caused the striking vehicles operator to lose control.

10/16/22:  An adult female reported that someone was attempting to enter her residence.  The adult female thought it could possibly be her neighbor that threatened her earlier in the day.  The officer was able to determine that the neighbor did not attempt to make entry in the residence. The officer provided extra patrol around the residence.

10/17/22: Responded to a report of a vehicle crash outside of the City of Phillips.  Officers arrived on scene and were unable to locate the vehicle.

10/17/22: Stopped a vehicle driving the wrong direction down what the officers believed was a one-way road, Turner Street.  Officers were informed that the road was now two-way traffic. Officers confirmed that it was now two-way traffic.  Officers then apologized and released the driver.

10/20/22:  Responded to a report of an adult male and female arguing.  Officers located the female and made contact with her.  The male individual was located.  Neither individual admitted to any argument taking place. During the investigation, the woman was discovered to have an active warrant. Officers arrested the female and transported her to the Price County Jail.

10/21/22:  Received a report of a two vehicle crash which occurred in a parking lot of a business in the City of Phillips.  An officer responded to the location to investigate the crash.  No injuries were reported to have occurred.

10/25/22:  Met with an individual who arrived at the Phillips Police Department to collect property and informed officers of an injunction order violation.  Officers confirmed the injunction order and arrested the respondent.

10/25/22:  Advised of a female individual in the City of Phillips with an active warrant.  Officers located the female and arrested her.  The female was transported to the Price County Jail for booking.

10/25/22:  Advised of a disorderly incident that occurred in the City of Phillips.  One female was arrested for Disorderly Conduct and Misdemeanor Bail Jumping and transported to the Price County Jail for booking.

10/27/22:  Received a report of an altercation that occurred in the City of Phillips.  One female was arrested for Physical Abuse of a Child, Disorderly Conduct, and Strangulation and Suffocation.  The female was transported to the Price County Jail for booking.

10/27/22:  Received a report of damage inside the bathrooms of a pavilion at Elk Lake Park.  Officer is investigating the matter.

10/30/22:  Notified of juvenile males smashing pumpkins in the roadway.  The officer made contact with the juveniles and informed them of safety concerns,  The juveniles stated that they would not smash the pumpkins in the roadway.

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10/1/22:  An officer assisted the Price County Sheriff's Office with a traffic stop where they found a loaded firearm and illegal substances in the vehicle.  A male was arrested upon charges and transported to jail.

10/6/22: Officers dispatched to a residence for the report of an active domestic abuse incident in progress where a female had been struck by an intoxicated male.  Upon investigation, one male suspect was arrested for disorderly conduct and battery.

10/12/22:  officers responded to a residence for the report of an active domestic incident in progress.  Upon investigation, the situation was deemed a verbal argument between the two intoxicated subjects involved.  Both subjects later requested law enforcement to leave the residence.

10/10/22:  An officer assisted a Price County deputy on a traffic stop.  The officer observed illegal substance packaging in the suspect's vehicle.  Upon searching the subject and the vehicle, officers located further illegal substances and drug paraphernalia.  One male suspect was arrested for drug-impaired driving.

10/11/22:  A single vehicle accident occurred on Hwy. 13.

10/15/22:  An officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle with loud exhaust.  Upon investigation, officers searched the occupants and vehicle as they observed remnants of marijuana on an occupant's shirt.  As a result, one male suspect was arrested for the possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

10/13/22:  An off-duty officer reported seeing a suspect at a grocery store in Park Falls.  It was known a warrant was out for her arrest.  Contact was made and the warrant was confirmed. The suspect was arrested and transported to the Price County Jail.

10/19/22:  A Price County Human Services requested law enforcement at the Chequamegon Elementary School to assist with a photographs of an alleged maltreated child.  An officer responded, but no visible injuries were observed.

10/19/22: Members of a church spoke with an officer regarding phone messages received from a man.  Board members were given options of how they can handle the situation.  They will have a meeting with the entire board and contact the officer with their decision.

10/20/22:  A one-vehicle rollover was reported near the Ashland and Price County line.  An officer stayed with the juvenile victim and maintained scene security until an Ashland County deputy arrived on scene.

10/24/22:  Officer Dehmlow assisted Price County Deputy Drake with a traffic stop involving a female subject.  The female was searched along with the vehicle, and the female subject was arrested on seven counts of bail jumping.

10/27/22:  A welfare check was requested on a subject that may be living in a tent at Hines Park. Contact was made with the subject who stated he was fine.  It was later determined that he had not paid the appropriate camping fees.  A warning was issued to pay the required fees or a citation would be issued.

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