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Photo Submitted by:  Oneida County Sheriff's Office

1/4/23 Original Article:

The Oneida County Sheriff's Office is asking for assistance with locating Cody Kamrath.

Kamrath is approximately 150 pounds and 5 feet 7 inches tall.  He has shoulder-length, curly, light brown hair that some may describe has a reddish color to it.  He has blue eyes.  He is 26 years old.  According to recent videos posted by Kamrath on his social media page, to further help the public identify him, it appears his front teeth are missing in a jagged fashion.

If you see Kamrath, police ask that you do not approach him or attempt to make contact with him in any way.  Instead, call the Oneida County Dispatch Center immediately.  Their phone number is 715-361-5201.  If you feel you are in danger, immediately dial 911.

The Oneida County Sheriff's Office added, "Please only call if you are witnessing this individual at the present time.  We are not looking for additional information on where he has been in the past at this time."

While the Oneida County Sheriff's Office is the office requesting the public to immediately report if Kamrath is seen, he could be anywhere in the northwoods so everyone should be on the lookout.  He is listed in the Wisconsin circuit court's database with closed offenses and pending alleged crimes in Lincoln County.  The Oneida County Sheriff's Office added, "This individual has been witnessed in multiple locations including Rhinelander and Minocqua."  Some people on social media are stating he also frequents the Tomahawk area.  His social media videos often show him walking the streets or in the woods.

1/5/23 Update:

UPDATE:  According to the Oneida County Sheriff's Office, "Kamrath was located and taken into custody without incident.  Rhinelander Police Department was able to take him into custody when he was reported as being on the library steps. Thank you to the community for information, calls, and support!"
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