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Photos/Image Credit:  Submitted Photos, Image - Purina Cattle

Owners of Deer Creek Angus, LLC, Karen Kerner and Greg Denzine, have been farming their beef cattle operation in Phillips, Wisconsin since 1994.  Like most businesses, it started out smaller and has grown over the years, now featuring 200 cattle.

Both Karen and Greg grew up on family farms, so farming is a family tradition.  The interest holds with their children, Alexis and Wyatt, taking a strong interest in farming.  "We hope Alexis and Wyatt will someday take over the farm and continue to grow it," Karen shared.

In January 2023, Deer Creek Angus was awarded "Operation of the Month" by Purina Cattle.  About receiving the recognition, Karen said, "We were shocked, couldn't believe it, and honored that they picked us!"

According to Purina Cattle, Karen and Greg met with Ray Melander, a now-retired Purina beef specialist, back in 2010.  "Ray encouraged them to try finishing out some of their quality feeder calves and invited them to a VIP experience at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center."  Karen and Greg implemented new management techniques and began using Purina® wind and rain minerals and lick tubs with their home-grown grain rations.  According to Karen, it has paid off.  "I stand by the motto, ‘Animals speak for themselves.’  They definitely do here.”

Deer Creek Angus, LLC sells their beef to the School District of Phillips and also sells their beef directly to the consumer via the farmer's market in Minocqua and their website.  All their beef is processed at a state-inspected and licensed facility.  Customers can purchase Angus beef in individual packages or in quarters, halves, and whole.  The farm also offers non-beef food options, as they are now selling a small amount of pork, plus they sell eggs at a farmer's market.  As a volunteer activity, Karen helps 4-H members sell meat chickens.

You can meet Karen and Greg at the Minocqua Farmer's Market, which is held every Friday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the summertime.  Deer Creek Angus, LLC's website includes product information, photos of their products, and pricing at  To purchase their products at their farm in Phillips, call 715-550-6156.

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