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POLICE REPORTS: DECEMBER 2022 - Updated 2-14-23


Reports received by the police departments in Price County for the month have been condensed and summarized.


12-1-2022:  A house in Phillips that was destroyed by fire in November caught fire again.  The owner reported the second fire.

12-1-2022:  A man reported that he got into an accident in Prentice after a small burgundy SUV cut him off, which caused him to drive into a light pole.  The man was not injured but his car was not operable.

12-1-2022:  A woman reported that her ex-boyfriend of three years ago was using her debit card without her permission.  She canceled the card but could not get her money back.

12-1-2022:  A woman reported that another woman accidentally hit a U-Haul truck while returning a U-Haul truck.

12-1-2022:  A woman reported a vehicle was in her driveway pulled all the way up to her house, so she kept driving past her driveway.  However, the vehicle followed her.  She was informed to drive to the sheriff's office and deputies were sent.  They conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle.

12-4-2022:  A man reported another man was walking down County Road D and acting suspicious.  He was yelling at no one in particular.  The man had a tan backpack and was wearing a hat and an orange shirt with a sweatshirt over it.

12-4-2022:  A man requested an ambulance for a female who was not responding and possibly overdosed on medication.  The Prentice Ambulance Service could not get a crew to take the call and requested Rib Lake Ambulance Service to be paged; they responded.  A first responder from Ogema advised CPR was in process.  The woman was not able to be revived.

12-7-2022:  A bus driver reported a car going past her vehicle while her stop sign was out and flashing lights were on while she was letting children off her bus.

12-8-2022:  A man reported tracks to and from his patio window, which was smashed at his home in Prentice.

12-9-2022:  An ambulance reported hitting a deer on the way to a call.  They were able to continue to the emergency call but did not know if the deer was dead.  After the call, they went back and saw the deer was still alive.  A deputy was updated.

12-14-22:  A woman called requesting an officer assist with removing a man at a local bar.  The man refused to leave the establishment and reportedly attacked the woman.  Deputies responded.

12-14-22:  A woman reported a disorderly neighbor in Prentice who she said was harassing her at their apartment complex.

12-15-22:  A woman reported a man had a knife and threatened to kill himself.  He then left home on foot.

12-17-22:  Urgent Care in Portage County called stating a woman was petting a stray cat in Phillips two days prior when it climbed on her, scratched her, and bit the back of her head.  The bite left two puncture wounds that became infected.  The cat was described as a gray and black cat with stripes.

12-18-22:  A Park Falls man called 911 to request assistance because an M16 combat rifle was levitating in his apartment.  He stated it was giving off a blue energy.  He said he had been visited by the Treasury Department in November of 2020 but did not believe the situation was related to this visit.  He also stated he felt like something was trying to pull the vertebrae out of his back but he was confident his spine would keep the vertebrae in place.  Police responded.

12-22-22:  A man reported that he and his grandson almost hit snowmobiles on Old 13 Road.  The snowmobiles were reportedly using the boat landing and then taking Old 13 Road into town.  He said snowmobiles were all over the roadway, riding on the snow banks, and kicking snow back into the roadway.  He said the same thing happened last year.

12-22-22:  A woman reported damage to a headstone in Fifield.

12-23-22:  A woman with dementia called 911 several times stating people were attempting to set fires and blow up the nursing home in Park Falls and no one was doing anything about it.  The nursing home was called, there was no fire or threats, and dispatch asked them to monitor the woman so she did not keep calling 911.

12-28-22:  A woman reported several subjects were outside her residence taking pictures, were on her roof, and were shining lights into her residence.  The woman stated she locked herself in her bathroom because the subjects were in her residence.  A deputy responded.

12-28-22:  A woman reported her fifteen year old daughter was sexually assaulted by a seventeen year old who tried to put his hand down her pants multiple times.

12-30-22:  A train was derailed in Prentice and workers were going to put it back on the tracks.

12-30-22:  A man reported a fire in his shop in Phillips.  There was a dump truck on fire inside a pole shed.

12-31-22:  A caller stated a man had left a deceased cow about 15 feet from the roadway.

12-31-22:  A woman reported her husband went looking for their dog, who got scared by fireworks.  She said her husband was gone for 45 minutes.  The woman was advised her husband was with a deputy and they were searching for the dog.

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12/5/22:  Received a report of an adult male yelling obscurities in the middle of a city street.  An officer and Price County Deputy arrived and spoke with the adult male who had sustained a head wound from fall of with bike.  The officer learned the male was on probation and had violated the conditions.  A probation hold was placed on the adult male.

12/6/22:  Responded to a report of a retail theft at a store in the City of Phillips.  Officers responded and were able to locate the individual involved.  Officers were able to get the property returned to the
store.  Officers issued an ordinance violation to the individual involved.

12/7/22:  Received notification from a local school that they had sent a letter to a former student prohibiting him from being on the school's campus.  The letter was mailed to the subject and serves as a formal warning.
The letter is on file at the Phillips Police Department.

12/10/22:  Assisted the La Ronge Royal Canadian Mounted Police with locating a missing person.  The missing male individual came to the Phillips Police Department and stated he was okay.  An officer contacted the La Ronge Royal Canadian Mounted Police and advised them the male individual was safe.

12/12/22:  Investigated a parent who failed to properly supervise their minor child.  The minor child acquired multiple law enforcement contacts within a three-month period for offenses including habitual truancy, property
damage, and possession of CBD products.  The parent was issued a city ordinance citation for failure to supervise minor children.

12/13/22: Received a complaint of an individual making threatening comments to do harm to employees of a business in the City of Phillips.  An investigation determined the individual made specific threats to harm
another branch of the business outside of Phillips.  The individual was determined to be from outside the City of Phillips.  The Price County Sheriff's Office was contacted to investigate the incident as it had occurred outside the City of Phillips.

12/13/22:  Responded to a local business where an employee was passed out and behaving strangely.  The officer learned that the employee was intoxicated.  The officer contacted the manager who sent another employee to close the business.

12/14/22:  Responded to a local establishment for a report of a disorderly subject that refused to leave.  Officers were informed that some type of physical altercation occurred.  Officers spoke to the victim and attempted to speak to the suspect.  The suspect was arrested for disorderly conduct and battery.

12/17/22:  An officer on patrol heard gunfire coming from outside the City of Phillips.  The Price County Sheriff's Office were advised.  The Price County Sheriff's Office, along with Phillips Police, searched the area but did not locate anything.

12/19/22:  Received a report from a local school district regarding two adult males who had gained access to the school and used the facilities when school was not in session.  The school representative indicated he
would be looking into the matter further and would advise if any law enforcement involvement would be necessary.

12/19/22:  Advised of an argument that had a occurred at a business in the City of Phillips.  An officer responded and spoke with all parties involved.  An investigation is pending.

12/20/22:  Responded to a residence for the report of the odor of marijuana.  The officer responded and met with the complainant who stated that the other tenant has masked the odor with spray and there was no longer an odor.  The officer was unable to identify the odor of marijuana.  The officer spoke with the other tenant who stated they believed the complainant was harassing them.

12/22/22:  Met with a citizen who wished to file a complaint against the Department of Public Works.  The citizen stated the snow was unevenly distributed on the sides of the roads.  The officer informed the Department of Public Works of the complaint.

12/23/22:  Notified by the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry of an adult male who is going to be working in the City of Phillips.

12/24/22:  Responded to an assisted living facility to assist Central Price County Ambulance Service with a female patient.  An officer shoveled the entranceway for the ambulance crew to load the patient.  The patient was
transported via ambulance to the medical center in Park Falls, Wisconsin.

12/27/22:  Responded to an incident at a residence in the City of Phillips.  The officers made contact with the complainant and were able to assist her.  Officers discovered the presence of a controlled substance and seized the contraband.  Officers will be referring this incident for criminal charges.  Officers will also be referring this report to Human Services.

12/28/22:  The City of Phillips Police Department, along with the Price County Sheriff's Department, responded to an apartment in the City of Phillips for a report of an abandoned 911 call.  While making contact at the apartment, drug items were voluntarily given to the officers by a tenant.  A search warrant was applied for and one male was arrested for possession of
methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, and felony bail jumping.

12/29/22:  Met with a resident of the City of Phillips who had a complaint of images being shared electronically without his consent.  The matter is under investigation.

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12/01/2022: An officer responded to a residence to assist a female subject who believed she was scammed on her computer.

12/02/2022: An officer received a complaint of a threatening message sent from a subject possibly residing in Park Falls.  The officer did not make contact with the suspect as they no longer live at their listed address.

12/03/2022:  A person called in a complaint of her neighbor removing her bread and peanuts she uses to feed squirrels.  The neighbor was warned for trespassing.

12/06/2022:  An officer assisted a Price County deputy with a vehicle on fire on Hwy. 182 outside of city limits.

12/08/2022: A domestic violence incident occurred, and the predominant aggressor was arrested and transported to jail.  Charges of disorderly conduct, battery, and false imprisonment are being referred for the male offender.  A charge of disorderly conduct and battery are being referred for the female offender.

12/09/2022:  A deer that appeared to have been shot was reported as being deceased in a yard.

12/10/2022:  A felony domestic abuse incident occurred involving an edged weapon.  There were minor injuries.  The offender was arrested and transported to the Price County Jail.  Charges were referred to the district attorney's office.

12/24/2022:  An officer responded to the STH 13 bridge for the report of an unknown accident. An officer arrived on scene and located a single vehicle pulled over in a nearby driveway.  Upon investigation, it was found the vehicle had lost control and drove into the west guard rail and then the east guard rail.  An officer observed significant damage to the vehicle making it a reportable
crash.  The driver received numerous citations.

12/24/2022:  A motorist called reporting a male subject on the ground in the snow in the area of STH 13 and STH 182.  Officers responded and located an intoxicated male subject on the ground on the snow-drifted sidewalk near STH 182 and 3rd Avenue South.

12/24/2022:  An officer spoke with a female subject who reported she was at a bar the night prior.  The female subject reported a male subject who was in the bar had taken her phone and vehicle keys from her jacket.  The female stated she confronted the male subject and he was then kicked out of the bar by the owner.  An investigation was conducted.

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