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The Ladysmith Middle/High School was not the only school that was targeted in Wisconsin on Wednesday, March 23, 2023, with swatting calls.  Other known schools included Chippewa Falls (currently on Spring Break), Rice Lake, Spooner, Superior, and Wausau.

Swatting is the act of intentionally falsely reporting an event to law enforcement to invoke a large police response, such as the use of SWAT teams.

In the incidents on Wednesday, the swatting was about school shootings that weren't truly happening.  The caller at many of the schools had a heavy foreign accent.  The caller reported people being shot on campuses.  Law enforcement in each area responded to the scene and checked the buildings as if there were an active shooter, although there were a number of red flags indicating the calls were fake.

Swatting calls reporting school shootings were made in Iowa a day prior.

At the national level, swatting is a felony which can cause the swatter to receive time in prison and monetary penalties.  At the state level, each state makes their own laws and penalties.  Swatting is a crime in Wisconsin, and a swatter can face severe penalties due to felony charges.

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