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Reports received by the police departments in Price County for the month have been condensed and summarized.

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3-1-2023:  A man ran over the fire department's hoses in Kennan during the clean-up after a fire.  The department wanted the man to be told to be more careful when driving where fire departments are operating.

3-1-2023:  An abandoned 911 call was received.  Dispatch called the number, and the woman said she did not call.  Dispatch could hear the driver in the background and asked them to go to a nearby gas station to meet with a deputy.  The man did so but then decided to leave as he did not want to get an OWI.  The woman sounded more distraught as the call continued.  When the man exited the vehicle to go to a bar, the woman started crying.  Police responded.

3-2-2023:  A man reported a semi truck hit his vehicle when he was slowing down to turn.  The semi driver also called stating the truck he hit did not use a turn signal.

3-3-2023:  A snowmobile ran into the side of a vehicle in the Township of Fififeld.  Neither driver was injured.

3-5-2023:  A woman called to report a snowmobile accident near a gas station.  The woman stated the rider of the snowmobile was a male who was not conscious and sounded like he was snoring.  Dispatch advised to start CPR.  Emergency services responded.

3-5-2023:  A man stated that, just like last year, snowmobiles were trespassing on his property, mostly on the weekends after a snowfall.  He put up "No trespassing" signs earlier in the year.

3-7-2023:  A one-vehicle rollover accident was reported.

3-9-2023:  A Phillips woman called stating she was scared of her intoxicated husband who threatened to kill her cat.  She stated she was also intoxicated and lying on the floor; she was not pushed or shoved but could not get up, and she refused an ambulance.  Deputies responded.

3-10-2023:  Two callers reported a suspicious man who was screaming and attacking a vehicle.

3-12-2023:  A Prentice woman reported that she believed her driveway was being intentionally plowed in with snow.  She called the township and they advised they did not do it.  She stated she was concerned an ambulance would not get in if it was needed.

3-13-2023:  A Kennan woman reported a dog tied up outside with no people there for four days, according to her observations.

3-14-2023:  A Prentice man reported a scam call asking him to put $1,500 into a kiosk for two missed court dates.  The caller stated they were from the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office.

3-17-2023:  A woman requested an extended voucher from the Park Falls Police Department as she was evicted.  She was upset and yelling at dispatch.  She was advised to be polite as a one-night voucher was available and offered.  Dispatch contacted the Park Falls Police Department, and they did not have any extended or one night vouchers available.  The woman requesting the voucher hung up on dispatch as she was upset with that news.  When she called back, dispatch denied the voucher.

3-18-2023:  A woman reported a green Ford F150 truck nearly hitting four individuals near an intersection in the Township of Catawba.

3-18-2023:  A physical fight between two inmates was observed on the camera system.  Police responded.

3-19-2023:  A hospital reported a female was bitten by a cat she owned but stated, "I no longer have the cats; Dad took care of them."  She further explained, "The cats were dropped off outdoors somewhere."

3-20-2023:  A Catawba man said he was being harassed by a woman who sounded intoxicated as she was repeatedly calling his girlfriend.  He stated he has a restraining order against the woman unless the communication has to do with their children.  He added the woman sent a text message that she was on her way to his house.

3-20-2023:  A man reported his front door was wide open and items were missing from his home.  He believed a woman he had staying there for a few days may have taken the items as all her belongings were also gone and the house key was on the table.

3-21-2023:  A Phillips man reported threats were made to him at a town meeting.

3-22-2023:  A Phillips man stated a Great Dane was in his yard attacking his dog.  He was holding the dogs apart but needed an officer to help.

3-22-2023:  A Prentice woman reported her mailbox was damaged.  She did not think it was done by the snowplow as there was a lack of plowing by her residence.

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3-2-2023:  Assisted a local school with investigating the delivery of a contraband item to a juvenile student.  An officer and school officials interviewed students and determined one student had committed the offense.  The student was disciplined within the school and issued a citation for delivery of a tobacco product to an underage person.

3-3-2023:  Contacted by a local business regarding a check they had sent to a company.  The business had checked their bank statements and realized that the check was intercepted and altered.  Investigation pending.

3-3-2023:  Met with an elderly female who wanted to report a scam.  The elderly lady stated she had went to the bank where employees told her that it was a scam and to report it to police.  The elderly female was not out any money.

3-6-2023:  Observed numerous bags of garbage outside of a residence.  An officer noted the bags of
garbage had been placed outside of the residence for several weeks.  The officer issued a 48-hour courtesy violation notice for the owner of the residence to remove the bags of garbage.

3-6-2023:  Investigated a report of a hit and run accident on a postal vehicle in the City of Phillips.  An officer met with the postal carrier and documented the damage to the vehicle.  The officer was able to identify the vehicle and operator of the vehicle.  The officer requested the assistance of the Price County Sheriff's Office to respond to the owner's residence and speak with the operator and observe the vehicle.  The officer will be completing a state accident report.

3-6-2023:  A resident of the City of Phillips stopped at the police department to report a suspicious individual was noted on camera outside of a residence in the City of Phillips.  The resident reported there didn't appear to be any attempt to enter the residence.  The resident noted suspicious tracks in his yard.  The resident wanted to report the information in the event there has been or are similar complaints in the area.  After viewing the video, it was determined the person was an employee of the Phillips Water Department who was checking meters.

3-6-2023:  Received a report of a large pothole causing hazardous conditions to vehicles entering a business in the City of Phillips.  The caller reported his vehicle bottomed out when entering the parking lot.  An officer spoke with the on-duty manager of the business who was aware of the situation and said they were attempting to have the area repaired as soon as possible.

3-7-2023:  Phillips Police Department was dispatched to a local business for a report of a gas smell.  Officers arrived and determined there was an unknown odor but did not believe it was gas as the business did not operate on gas.  Officers called for Department of Public Works' Supervisor, who also believed the odor was not gas and was unable to determine what the odor was from.

3-8-2023:  Assisted the Price County Sheriff's Office with a traffic stop in the City of Phillips.  Illegal drugs were located in the vehicle after the deputy could smell the odor of marijuana in the vehicle.  Charges will be referred to the Price County District Attorney's Office.

3-9-2023:  Notified of a two vehicle accident in a parking lot of a local business.  An officer responded and retrieved information from both parties and photographed the damages.  The officer ran one male through field sobriety.  One male was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated 3rd Offense.

3-15-2023:  Received a report of a tent in the City Campground during the closed season.  An officer made contact with an adult male who was told he needed to leave the campground as the campground was closed for the season.

3-16-2023:  Assisted the Phillips Fire Department with a call to an apartment complex in the City of Phillips.  The caller stated there was smoke in the lobby, and she got out of the apartment complex.  Officers arrived on scene and observed where the fire alarm was activated.  The cause of the activated fire alarm was burnt food from the previous night.  Officers cleared shortly after.

3-17-2023:  Received a complaint from a realtor who stated that he received an e-mail from a person claiming to be a local resident wishing to sell his property.  The realtor found out the local resident was not selling his property and an unknown person used the name of the local resident.  The suspected individual was trying to obtain money from the sale of the said property.  An investigation is pending.

3-17-2023:  Assisted the Phillips Fire Department with a call to the same apartment complex from the day prior in the City of Phillips.  The resident had burnt food and set off the fire alarms.  The fire department cleared out the smoke with fans.  The officer cleared without incident.

3-23-2023:  The Phillips Police Department was on regular patrol when stopped by a bystander and informed of a truck that was swerving in their lane of traffic.  The officer pulled behind the truck and watched it crossed the fog line three times.  An officer initiated a traffic stop.  The driver was arrested for first offense OWI and booked into the Price County Jail.

3-25-2023:  Met with a citizen who had fallen victim to a scam.  An officer obtained information regarding the generator of the scam.  An investigation is pending.

3-25-2023:  Received a report of harassment by telecommunications device.  An officer documented the phone number in which the communication was coming from.  The officer issued a preservation request, and an investigation is pending.

3-27-2023:  Received a report of harassment by telecommunications device.

3-28-2023:  Met with a woman who stated she was walking and two females had two dogs.  One of the dogs bit the woman; however, she did not realize it drew blood until later.  The woman's pant leg was ripped and an officer did observe broken skin.  The officer patrolled the area to attempt to locate the dogs.

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3-2-23:  Received a report of a two vehicle accident that occurred at the intersection of Division Street and Tower Road.

3-2-23:  An officer observed a male subject entering the weighing station belonging to the mill.  The man was warned for trespassing.  The property owner requested the man receive a citation if found on the property again.

3-3-23:  A complaint was received from nursing home staff of a subject calling staff at the facility and yelling and swearing at them.  They wished for the person to be advised not to call anymore.

3-4-23:  There was a complaint of unwanted sexual contact.  No contact requested between parties.  Both agreed to stay away from each other.

3-5-23:  Assisted the Price County Sheriff's Department with a report of a possible intoxicated driver on STH 182 in the area of Sugarbush Road.  The vehicle was located and a traffic stop was conducted.  The driver's license was suspended from prior and pending OWI cases, and a deputy ultimately arrested the driver for OWI.

3-5-23:  There was a single snowmobile injury crash on the snowmobile trail along 3rd Avenue North near the Park Falls Recreational Arena.  A driver was cited for operating while intoxicated-snowmobile.  The driver is also on a felony bail bond from Price County that includes absolute sobriety.  Criminal charges to be referred.

3-5-23:  While dealing with a serious snowmobile crash, an officer could hear yelling voices coming from the area of Division Street and 4th Avenue.  Another deputy was requested to check the area.  The deputy located an altercation between patrons at a bar on Division Street.  The deputy handled the matter.

3-6-23:  A two vehicle accident occurred on 9th Street North near the Chequamegon High School.

3-6-23:  Officers responded to help a Price County deputy with taking a male suspect into custody who had an active warrant for missing a court appearance.  The male was taken into custody without incident and transported to the Price County Jail.

3-7-23:  Officers responded to a residence for the report of a domestic disturbance where one intoxicated male walked away from the residence.  Upon investigation, the male suspect was located and taken into custody for Domestic Disorderly Conduct.  The male was transported to the Price County Jail, and charges are to be referred to the Price County District Attorney.

3-8-23:  There was a crash involving a school bus.

3-9-23:  An officer responded to a residence of a subject that had plans to tear apart their vehicle.  An officer met with a subject who believed his electronics and house were bugged.  The subject was detained for a Chapter 51.

3-11-23:  Received another report of a man contacting a church and acting bizarre.  The church requested a no-contact order with secretary staff.

3-11-23:  An officer assisted a Price County deputy with OWI processing at the Park Falls Police Department.  Upon investigation, officer discovered that a bar had been allowing the underage suspect in the bar.

3-14-23:  While at a residence, an officer detected a strong odor of sour, rotten garbage.  The officer also observed multiple cans of garbage in the front yard area.  After entering the front porch, the officer observed the porch filled with garbage with a strong odor. A citation warning was issued.

3-20-23:  Police responded to a credit union for a report of a distraught female with a complaint of a scam.

3-24-23:  There was a report of a female subject likely intoxicated and on the ground before stumbling to a residence and pounding on the back door.

3-24-23:  An officer made contact with a male subject at a residence.  Upon doing so, the officer observed a female believed to have a warrant for her arrest.  Upon investigation, one female was taken into custody and found to be in possession of illegally obtained prescription pills.

3-25-23:  A person stated that a man pointed a gun at her child while she was walking their dog.  An officer conducted an initial interview with the victim and witnesses.  An investigation is ongoing.

3-27-23:  An officer received a call from an anonymous complainant that a bar was serving alcohol to a minor. Officers made contact with the bar owner who was uncooperative.

3-27-23:  A disturbance complaint was made by a female subject regarding a male subject demanding beer and cigarette money.  An officer spoke with the male who agreed to cease contact with the female.

3-28-23:  A woman stated she received a phone call that she believed to be from her bank.  The woman explained that the person who she believed to be working for the bank informed her that there was an attempt made to access her bank account.  The woman stated that the day prior her username and password was changed and she could not access her mobile banking app on her phone.  She stated that she spoke with the closest branch, which is in Rhinelander, and was informed a credit card and loan was taken out from her account as well as an attempt to wire money from her account to another bank in Ohio.

3-31-23:  Received a report from Chippewa Falls Police Department of a possible child abuse that occurred approximately one year ago.

3-31-23:  An officer responded to a single vehicle rollover.

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