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Reports received by the police departments in Price County for the month have been condensed and summarized.


4-1-2023:  Advised a large tree was across both lanes of State Highway 70 and vehicles would not be able to get through.

4-1-2023:  A woman stated she and her father had an argument over which plow service was going to clear the driveway.  The woman stated her father physically attacked her but she was not hurt, and she forced him into a chair, causing him to threaten he would "end this bullshit," and he looked for a gun.  The gun was usually kept at his bedside, but the woman's mother had hidden the gun, but the man told them there was more than one gun in the house.

4-2-2023:  A woman called to request a barricade be placed near a large pothole, because she hit the pothole, which caused her vehicle to get a flat tire and the emergency brake cable would not engage.

4-3-2023:  The Town of Flambeau called to report a well drilling company had taken a large truck down a road, without permission, while roads were posted.  A deputy was asked to talk with the well drilling company.  The deputy advised that, due to the temperatures, the vehicle would have to remain at its current location until proper permits were acquired from the Town of Flambeau or until the weight limit restriction was removed.

4-3-2023:  The Waukesha County Sheriff's Office requested a welfare check on a man, who has dementia and previous brain injuries, who was reported as a missing person.  Waukesha County said the man's cell phone pinged at the motel in Prentice.

4-5-2023:  A Park Falls man called to report there was a deer caught in a fence on County Road S by the big culvert.  He said a man was currently attempting to assist the deer without any success.  Police responded and were able to assist with the release of the deer.

4-6-2023:  An anonymous person reported an animal welfare concern stating that a man had an intact male dog with a tumor larger than his testicles, and the dog had been constantly itching for the past three or four years.  The person stated that the itching was causing sores and this person had told the owner several times that the dog needed to be seen by a veterinarian.

4-8-2023:  A woman reported her nephew was missing.  She stated he was kayaking off of Little Rapids Road into Jump River and did not come out when expected.  While on the phone, her nephew came out of the water stating his paddle had broken.  He did not need an ambulance.

4-9-2023:  A man reported a possible burglary going on at the Mexican restaurant in Park Falls.  He reported he door was open, windows were broken, and lights were on.  Police responded and a suspect came forward.  Read related story.

4-10-2023:  A woman called 911 to report she almost ran over a man lying in the middle of the roadway in the Town of Flambeau.  She reported that the male stood up and started walking north, but he was acting weird and had a small cut over one eye.  When police responded, the man hit his head on the squad car and stated he wanted to die.  Later, Human Services called requesting an officer respond to a residence due to the man being uncooperative.

4-10-2023:  A woman called requesting a deputy check on her cabin in Phillips.  She stated her cabin's electric bill was normally $40 to $50 in the winter months when no one was there, but her February bill was $92, and her March bill was $125.  She believed someone may have been staying in her cabin due to the rise in the electricity price.

4-10-2023:  A man called to report an incident at the Town of Flambeau Town Hall.

4-10-2023:  A man called to report he was being scammed.  He posted a table online for $250 and received a message from an unknown person asking to hold the table for an extra $150.  The man gave his name and address so the person could send a cashier's check.  The buyer said he would also send a truck to get the table.  The seller received a $6,000 cashier's check from Texas, and the man was going to his bank to verify if it was real.  The caller didn't lose any money.

4-11-2023:  A woman called to speak to a deputy regarding property damage to her house from an incident that occurred that morning in the Township of Worcester.

4-11-2023:  A Park Falls man called 911 to report that his wife had a knife and used it to damage his vehicle in their driveway.  He stated his wife was inside the house and he was down the street.

4-12-2023:  A man reported his dog went into the lake at Elk Lake Park.  The lake had a mix of water and ice and the dog was far from he shore, going in and out of sight but periodically appearing on the ice.  The dog was able to get off the ice and headed toward County Road H.  The dog was captured and reunited with its owner.

4-12-2023:  A Kennan man reported he was in an accident in the Township of Kennan and the other driver left the scene after stating she had an appointment and she would call him later.

4-12-2023:  A woman with Human Services at a Phillips company reported an employee had been terminated and had thrown things at employees and threatened them.  She was concerned the man may return and wanted some guidance regarding workplace safety.

4-12-2023:  A Phillips woman reported a possible burglary occurring at her residence in the City of Phillips.  She stated she was not at home but received a notification on her security camera, and she could hear male voices coming from her garage.

4-12-2023:  An anonymous person reported a woman keeps her large dog in a crate all day and only lets it outside for five minutes each day.  The woman stated the dog owner's apartment is filthy with animal feces.  The woman stated concern for the cat living at the apartment, as well.

4-12-2023:  An officer advised that, while attempting to conduct a traffic stop, the male driver would not pull over.  The man proceeded to his residence at 55 MPH.  The officer asked dispatch to request assistance from the Marathon County Bomb Squad, which did arrive on the scene.

4-14-2023:  A two-vehicle accident occurred with airbag deployment and was reported by a caller who also stated there were some lacerations.

4-15-2023:  A 911 call was received and a man stated that he found the ice baby, he found the ice baby.  He then stated the egg in the house next to him was stolen from the president.  He stated it was in a purple striped bag, in a red bag, and in a lock box, and Katie stole the key.  A woman was in the background and requested an officer to respond.  One male was detained.

4-15-2023:  A man called to report he and his family were out for a walk, and he located five packages of Suboxone. The Suboxone was found by the railroad tracks in Prentice.  Suboxone is used to treat opioid addiction.

4-15-2023:  The Vilas County Sheriff's Office advised of a 911 call that was pinging near the Price County, Vilas County, and Oneida County lines.  Vilas County advised they had a highly agitated and possibly manic male on the phone stating he had been lost in the woods for 16 hours, he was unsure of where he was, and he was without food.  Vilas County advised that the male sounded under the influence of drugs and advised to proceed with caution.  Vilas County was given permission to have a deputy enter Price County, and they made contact with the male who was in dark clothing with a cap on and holding a guitar.  The male was not cooperating and was being disorderly.  Deputy Garrett, Lt. Lillie, Deputy Johnson, Vilas County Sheriff's Office, Minocqua Police Department, LDF Tribal Police, Park Falls Ambulance Service, and Pike Lake and Fifield First Responders responded to the scene.

4-16-2023:  A restaurant in Prentice asked to speak to a deputy regarding a customer that had been there several times in the last couple of weeks and always yelled at staff to the point that one waitress was crying.  The harassing customer was advised he was not permitted in the business until further notice.

4-17-2023:  A Prentice woman advised that she was cleaning out some of her deceased husband's belongings and believed she located dynamite.

4-18-2023:  A Phillips man called wishing to speak with a deputy because he believed the Town of Flambeau intentionally damaged his mailbox.  The man stated there was an incident a few weeks prior where a Town of Flambeau supervisor blocked a driveway, preventing him from leaving.

4-20-2023:  An inmate caused damage to property owned by the Price County Jail.

4-20-2023:  Deputies were sent to an area to notify property owners of high dam flow operation and to prepare for evacuation if necessary.

4-23-2023:  A man reported he rolled his car.  There were no injuries reported.

4-24-2023:  An anonymous person reported animal abuse near Prentice, alleging that bulls were chained to a tree and there was no water for the bulls.  They were concerned that if lighting were to strike the tree, the bulls would be killed.  The residence was reported to have a lot of junk in the yard, as well.

4-26-2023:  A woman reported a vehicle hit a tree.  She stated the driver was out of the vehicle and walking around.  The woman did not see any obvious injuries; however, the driver appeared to be very disorientated and she could see that he was bleeding.

4-26-2023:  A woman reported her mother provided information for a possible scam.  The woman was on the computer when it began beeping and a number popped up on the screen.  She called the number and gave them access to her computer and sent them a picture of her driver's license.  When she realized it may be a scam, she unplugged the computer, called her bank, and advised them of what occurred.

4-26-2023:  A man called 911 to report a man between 25 and 30 years old appeared to be on drugs and in the man's yard, drinking a bottle of cough syrup, and he attempted to enter the residence.

4-26-2023:  A woman called 911 because her husband pushed her and she was sick of it, though he did not threaten her or have access to weapons.

4-26-2023:  A woman called to report an incident from 10 to 15 minutes prior.  She stated a male in his late teens or early twenties was being overly friendly with a little girl at a store in Prentice.  She stated the male left the store, came back in, and gave the little girl $15.  The male then left with a female in a white SUV with black accents.

4-28-2023:  A woman called to report her vehicle had been stolen from a business on Tuesday, April 25, 2023 at approximately 11:30 a.m.  The woman's vehicle had broken down on an off-ramp on the evening of April 23, 2023.  She was able to get the vehicle moved to a parking lot that night.  She returned to have it towed for repair but it was no longer in the parking lot.  Staff at the business were reviewing video footage.

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4-1-2023:  Received a report of a hit and run that occurred the night before at a local establishment.

4-1-2023:  Responded to a private residence in the City of Phillips for a patient who had collapsed while snow blowing a driveway.  CPR was attempted, but the patient was pronounced deceased after the ambulance arrived.  The incident is under investigation; however, nothing other than a natural death is suspected.

4-2-2023:  Received a report of a minor two-vehicle accident in the City of Phillips.

4-3-2023:  Received a complaint from a man who wanted an officer to speak to a woman and her husband about calling the complainant and harassing him.  An officer spoke to the husband and wife and warned them to refrain from contacting the complainant.  The officer advised that if they continued calling to harass the complainant, a citation would be issued.

4-3-2023:  Received a report of possible harassing behavior occurring in the City of Phillips. Further investigation is pending.

4-5-2023:  At approximately 7:00 a.m. the Phillips Police Department was notified that the roof on the north side of Phillips Lionite had collapsed.  An officer contacted the Department of Public Works to place barricades around the collapsed portion of the building.  Read related story.

4-5-2023:  Assisted the Central Price County Ambulance Service with a medical call at the Phillips High School for a student who was vomiting blood.  One person was transported by ambulance to a local hospital.

4-7-2023:  Assisted the Price County Sheriff's Department and the Central Price County Ambulance Service with a report of a male who was exhibiting strange behavior and was sweating profusely.  The officer had also received a call regarding strange behavior of two people at a business across the road.

4-7-2023:  Met with a woman who stated that she had a charge on her bank statement for $24.25 at a local establishment.  The woman stated that she had not frequented the establishment and the day of the charge on her account she was in Minocqua.  Further investigation is required.

4-12-2023:  Received a call of a dog that was on Elk Lake and fell through the ice and was trying to get out.  An officer met with the owner of the dog at Elk Lake Park.  The dog was able to get out of the water on its own.  An officer and two Price County deputies were able to catch the dog and return the dog to its owner.

4-12-2023:  Received information from a local school district about an e-mail the school had received.  The information had been sent anonymously.  The school official wanted the information to be documented.

4-12-2023:  Received information of an employee who was terminated at a Phillips business and was disorderly while leaving the business.  Extra patrol was requested around the business.

4-12-2023:  Responded to a local business who reported a man was requesting medical attention.  Officers responded and met with the male who indicated that he had ingested illicit drugs and believed he needed medical attention.  Central Price County Ambulance Service responded and transported the man to the hospital in Park Falls.  An officer arrived at the hospital and interviewed the man.

4-12-2023:  Responded to a report of a citizen reporting that, from video surveillance, she heard multiple subjects in her garage.  Price County deputies also responded.  Officers arrived and did not locate anyone inside the garage.  An officer met with the property owner who advised they would be providing the video footage and also checking to see if anything was missing.

4-12-2023:  Police overheard radio traffic of a Price County Deputy attempting to stop a motor vehicle on CTH W.  The suspect vehicle did not stop and continued to a private residence.  An officer responded to assist.  The man was arrested and held on felony charges at the Price County Sheriff's Department.

4-13-2023:  At approximately 7 a.m., police were advised of a roof on a garage that had collapsed and was leaning just off the alley way.  An officer made contact with the owner.

4-13-2023:  Received a complaint from a Phillips Department of Public Works worker of a tent that was set up off the campground in the woods.  The person camping did not pay as there was no slip or money in the drop box.  An officer and the DPW worker gathered the tent and placed it at the Department of Public Works building until the owner could be contacted to get their belongings.

4-13-2023:  Contacted by a man who reported that his vehicle had been struck outside his residence.  The officer responded to take statements and photographs and interviewed neighbors.

4-13-2023:  Received a complaint from a city resident referencing his neighbor placing a drain hose on his property which was backing the water up in his basement.  An officer responded and met with the neighbor.  The neighbor moved the hose to the other side of the residence away from any residences.

4-14-2023:  Received a report from a local school district of a student who had written a racially offensive word on school property.  The school indicated they would be handling disciplinary measures within the school but requested an officer speak with the student.

4-14-2023:  Responded to a report of a female being disorderly at a local convenience store.  Officers arrived on scene and diffused the situation.  The individual will be cited for disorderly conduct.

4-17-2023:  Assisted the Price County Sheriff's Department with a two-vehicle accident just outside the City of Phillips.  An officer conducted traffic control until Phillips Fire arrived on scene.

4-18-2023:  Received a report of a male individual taking used syringes from a sharps container inside the restroom of a local business.  An officer was unable to make contact with the individual.  Information was forwarded to the suspect's probation officer.

4-19-2023:  Received information from a local school about an individual making harassing phone calls to a staff member.  A juvenile male was identified as the perpetrator and given a warning for his conduct.

4-22-2023:  Observed a vehicle traveling on Lake Avenue with a window decal covering the rear window of their vehicle.  An officer stopped the vehicle, and the Price County Sheriff's Department K9 alerted on the vehicle.  Officers searched the vehicle and arrested the male driver for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Felony Bail Jumping, plus arrested the male passenger for Resisting/ Obstructing an Officer.  Both males were brought to the Price County Jail for booking.

4-23-2023:  Received a report of juveniles sitting on the basketball hoops at Elk Lake Park.  An officer responded and didn't observe the described behavior.  The officer spoke to adults and juveniles in the area, and no one confirmed seeing juveniles sitting on the basketball hoops.

4-25-2023:  Received a report of construction material debris being dumped on private property of a business without the consent of the owner.  The incident is under investigation.

4-27-2023:  Received a complaint from a local college about a suspicious man hanging around outside on campus property.  An officer located the man deep in the woods behind the college.  He was intoxicated and stated he was just enjoying nature.  The officer observed numerous empty beer cans lying on the ground and informed the man he would have to pick up all his trash or receive a citation for littering.  The man advised he did have a job in Phillips and would be staying at a local motel. The officer ran the man's information through Price County Dispatch and the information came back okay.

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4-4-2023:  An officer conducted a bar check after running a vehicle's registration, which showed a registered owner was not of age to be on the premises.  An officer spoke with a female who was in the bar who stated she was picking up a co-worker from work.

4-6-2023:  Dispatch informed police of a power line that was down at the intersection of Cedar Street and Atwood Avenue.  Department of Public Works was contacted and were able to clear the roadway.

4-7-2023:  A gas station had a customer being disrespectful and asking, numerous times, for money to pay for his alcohol.

4-7-2023:  A power outage that occurred throughout the City of Park Falls affected the stop lights.

4-7-2023:  An anonymous complainant reported an after hours party at a bar that allegedly involved the use of cocaine.  An officer made contact with patrons and the bar owner, and they strongly denied the allegations.

4-9-2023:  Criminal damage to property at the Mexican restaurant was reported.  Read related story.

4-9-2023:  Criminal damage to property was reported at American Legion Post 182.

4-9-2023:  An officer responded to a two-vehicle crash at the intersection of Hwy. 182 and Hwy. 13.  One driver was arrested for OWI (1st).

4-10-2023:  An officer responded to a complaint of vandalism that occurred at North Lake Community Clinic over the weekend.

4-10-2023:  Officers responded to a report of several gunshots being fired but were unable to determine the source and if the noises had been gunshots or fireworks.

4-11-2023:  Dispatch advised of a woman, armed with a knife, causing damage to a vehicle.  Officers responded, and the woman was arrested for domestic abuse.  Charges were referred to the district attorney.

4-12-2023:  A caller stated that the people in the apartment above him were screaming and moaning many times a week for the past few weeks.  The residents were warned of an ordinance violation by the officer.

4-12-2023:  An employee of a gift shop believed someone had attempted to get into the west entrance but no damage was located.

4-15-2023:  A mental health incident occurred with a male exhibiting multiple personalities.  The person was non-compliant and aggressive towards the officer.  The crisis line was contacted and an emergency detention was approved.

4-16-2023:  An individual requested a welfare check on a male wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and staying at a laundromat.  The man was granted permission by the owner to stay the night at the laundromat.

4-16-2023:  A person entered a retail store and confronted two employees about a personal issue.  The person was disorderly.

4-17-2023:  During an investigation into a disturbance at a residence, a woman became irrational, disorderly, and resisted officers attempting to get her to stop hitting herself.  The woman had to be physically restrained, directed to the floor, and handcuffed.  This required three officers.  The woman was transported to the hospital for medical clearance and then transported to the Price County Jail.

4-18-2023:  Responded to a hardware store for the report of a patron attempting to pass a fake $100 bill.  The officer seized the counterfeit currency and spoke with the male who stated he did not know the currency was fake.

4-19-2023:  A family arrived at the police station to report three males were asking juveniles, who were in a pool, for phone numbers, social media contacts, and dates, along with asking the juveniles if they wanted to get into their van.

4-20-2023:  A person reported being scammed in the amount of $500.  The transaction began on Facebook Marketplace for the purchase of a refrigerator, and PayPal was utilized.

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