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On May 6 and 7, 2023, Olivia Negri, daughter of Jeremy and Missy Negri, competed in the Miss Wisconsin Teen USA pageant in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin at the Performing Arts Center.  "It was absolutely beautiful when it was all set up," Olivia reminisced.

She said that not much changed on the physical side of how the pageant was set up and the events of the day.  What did change was her confidence and feeling like she was ready to give it her best.  "Stepping into this year's pageant and preparing from last year, I was a wreck.  I was nervous, I second guessed myself on if I truly wanted to compete again this year, and let me tell you, I am very happy I decided to compete.  Leading up to [the pageant] my nerves were scrambling, my heart was racing every second I was on that stage, but I knew if I gave it my all and thought to myself 'I made it,' I knew I would do good."

And beyond "good" she did.  There were three main events that led into the semi-finals, which included an interview, active wear / swimwear competition, and a gown competition.  "Lucky for me, I made it into the semi-finals!....When I got called as the first person in the top 10, my heart was relieved.  I was so thankful for the opportunity to be given another chance to show my performance.  I remember the second my name got called, I looked at my family in the audience thinking 'Guys, I did it.'"

Her mom, Missy, was proud of her achievement.  "Hearing Olivia’s name called,....emotions were on high.  Seeing that smile on her face and holding back her tears had all of our hearts beating faster of joy."

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After a night of rest, semi-finals took place on Sunday with the top ten girls.  All scores started from scratch.  The girls again competed in active wear and gown competitions.  "Then, the nerves started to go for me.  It was time to chose the top 5 girls to advance to the Finals."  Unlike the prior day, Olivia's name was not the first one called.  "When the girls were getting called for the top 5 and my name wasn’t getting called, I felt like my chances were over.  But then when I heard my name, I was in so much shock I didn’t believe it.  I made it to the Top 5 in the Miss Wisconsin Teen USA pageant!  I had so many emotions running through my head; everything just kept going blank."

However, Olivia didn't have time for things to go blank, as she had a question to answer, which would count as 1/3 of her score to decide who would get crowned.  Olivia's question was, “What are you most proud about your generation?"  Olivia thought back on the past few years and realized the pandemic greatly affected her generation.  "The pandemic has slowed down my generation in learning, our mental health, social media, and many other things.  I felt like we have overcome so much and have stayed strong through it and not let it bring us down.  This is what I was most proud about my generation."

Olivia walked away with a 4th runner-up finish.  She said her experience at Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2023 will forever be memorable.  "Everyone this year was amazing and so welcoming."

Photo Credit:  Missy Negri

Missy said, "I can’t even begin to say how extremely proud of Olivia her family, friends, sponsors, and her pageant followers are of her.  Olivia really shined up on that stage in front of the audience and live TV.  Wow!  I don’t think I could have done that even once, but she did it Saturday and again on Sunday."  She also added a few thoughts for her daughter, "Continue to be the best part of you and never let anything get in the way of your dreams.  Well, besides me telling you 'no' about something but then just ask dad," she joked.  "I love you, and, again, can’t tell you how proud each and every one of us are of you.  Congratulations!"

As for Olivia future in pageantry, Missy said Olivia is making it her top priority to continue as the Price County title holder for years to come.  Olivia added, "There are a few pageants we have been looking into for the next year to get prepared hopefully for next year's USA pageant.  I am hoping to participate in the Miss High School America pageant in Little Rock, Arkansas and also participate in the USA National Miss pageant."  For being able to have these experiences, Olivia gives credit to her amazing sponsors who have supported her on her pageantry journey.

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