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Reports received by the police departments in Price County for the month have been condensed and summarized.

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5-1-23: A person came to the lobby of the Sheriff's Office to report someone was selling marijuana at the Prentice High School.

5-2-23:  A Phillips man reported someone broke into his garage and stole his ATV.

5-2-23:  A man requested to have a deputy check his cabin and because a friend of his said the man’s gate was lying on the ground and his garage door was open.  Since he also heard of a series of break-ins in the neighborhood the night prior, he wanted his property checked.

5-2-23:  A Phillips man reported someone had broken into his garage.

5-3-23:  A man reported his car was hit from behind by another male driver in Prentice.  There were no injuries.

5-4-23:  An Ogema woman called to report someone had been going through her mail.  She found two opened envelopes and newspapers in her yard.  She said she had issues last fall with items going missing, such as squash from her garden and yard tools.

5-6-23:  An Ogema woman reported a man came to her home and stated he had been in a car accident.  The man was sitting in a chair in her home, he had a cut on his head, and he was bleeding around his eye.  The man’s dog was also in her home.

5-7-23:  A Phillips man called to report a lady had run up to him and advised that her husband was beating her.

5-7-23:  A Phillips woman reported there was an unconscious man sitting in a parked vehicle on the roadway in the Township of Emery.

5-8-23:  A Phillips man came to the Sheriff's Office lobby and reported he had been assaulted.

5-9-23:  A Park Falls man called to report his daughter-in-law was attacked by the neighbor's dog but she was not injured.  The woman reported the dogs came after her when she was walking her dog past their residence.  The man said there had been issues in the past with the same dogs that have led to law enforcement responding.

5-10-23:  A Phillips man requested police response for screaming heard in the streets near North Lake Avenue and Chestnut Street.  The man was unsure of what was occurring, but he could hear a female shout "help me" and "he punched me in the face."  A local bar also called requesting an officer respond due to a man fighting with three female patrons.

5-10-23:  A Catawba woman called to report her neighbor trespassed on her property while she and her husband were at work.  The man had driven onto their property with his ATV and drove through their driveway and backyard.

5-12-23:  A Phillips man reported a white Dodge Ram pickup truck had rolled over and was in the ditch.  The man stated he looked for the driver, but no one was around.

5-12-23:  An Ogema man reported manure was spread all over the road in the Township of Ogema.

5-15-23:  A Phillips man called to report acid was coming from his walls and cabinets.  He stated he wanted cement to make it stop.

5-16-23:  A Kennan man reported his wife was at his home throwing and smashing his belongings.  Dispatch could hear the woman screaming and swearing at her husband during the call. The man stated he was outside trying to get away from her, but she was following him.

5-19-23:  A Phillips man reported an all-terrain vehicle accident that he did not witness.  He advised the patient was alert, conscious, and talking.

5-20-23:  An Ogema woman stated that late in the night a black-colored Dodge truck pulled into her driveway.  She stated her boyfriend was up at the time and was standing in the window.  According to her boyfriend, the driver of the vehicle turned the headlights off when the motion light turned on.  The driver then got out of the truck and appeared to try to hide behind her vehicle.  The driver then noticed the man in the window and got back into the truck. He backed out without the headlights on.  Once the truck was turned around, the driver turned the headlights back on.  The driver was described as “puny.”

5-21-23:  A Catawba man reported he believed his neighbor put up a temporary fence on his side of the property line.

5-21-23:  A Catawba woman requested a deputy to respond to her residence as her neighbor was putting signs up on her property.  The man then called  to report there was a lot of screaming and cursing between both parties and it scared his young daughter.

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5-2-23:  Advised of a loud noise complaint in the City of Phillips.  An officer arrived on the scene and spoke with the person who stated they just wanted the music turned down.  An officer attempted contact with the other party several times and did not get an answer.  While attempting contact, the music was turned down.

5-2-23:  Received a harassment complaint from a citizen who stated an ex partner was attempting to plant something in his vehicle.  The person wanted the officer to speak with the woman and advise her to stop contacting the reporting party.  An officer advised each of them not to have contact with one another.

5-2-23:  Advised of an altercation between two students which had occurred at a local school.  A school official and an officer investigated the incident.  Two male juveniles were referred to the Price County Human Services Department for battery.  The two students were also suspended from school for one day.

5-4-23:  Assisted the Price County Sheriff's Office with a search warrant in Ogema.  One female individual was arrested and brought to the Price County Jail.

5-4-23:  Notified by mail by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections that an offender was released into the community and will be housed at an address in Price County

5-5-23: Received a report of theft from a local school district.  A school representative stated a student was suspected of taking other students’ computer chargers and then offering to return them for a fee.  An officer and a school official investigated the report.

5-8-23: Received a report of an altercation that occurred at a nursing home in the City of Phillips.  This matter is under investigation.

5-9-23:  Received information from a local school about inappropriate online messaging that had occurred between students the previous evening.  Some of the information revealed nude photos which may have been requested and exchanged.  An officer and a school representative spoke with multiple students regarding the report.  The information will be forwarded to the Price County Sheriff's Office for further investigation.

5-9-23:  Informed by a citizen of a fire that had occurred at a local building . The officer was informed that citizens had put the fire out.  The officer investigated the situation and identified the source of the fire.  One juvenile was referred to the Price County Human Services Department

5-22-23: Received a report of a UTV that crashed into a resident's yard in the City of Phillips.  An officer spoke with the male individual who stated he had been drinking.  The male was transported for medical evaluation.  The male was cited for Operating a UTV While Intoxicated.

5-24-23: Received a report of an intoxicated male walking around in a trailer park in the City of Phillips.  An officer and Price County sheriff’s deputies located the male and observed the male was highly agitated and would not comply with law enforcement.  The male individual backed away from officers and pulled a knife on the officers.  Officers advised the male individual to drop the knife, and the male did so and then ran from law enforcement.  Officers apprehended him and placed him under arrest.

5-25-23: Responded to a report of individuals on top of the Phillips High School.  An officer responded and met with staff.  Staff reported other acts of vandalism which had occurred at the school.  The officer met with a group of students suspected of being involved.  The students agreed to clean up the vandalism.

5-26-23:  Responded to assist the Price County Sheriff's Office and Phillips Fire Department with a vehicle fire south of the City of Phillips.  An officer responded and was able to extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher.

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5-2-23:  An officer responded to storage units for the report of a fire.  When an officer arrived on scene, he found the fire had been put out by the reporting party.

5-4-23:  Two officers responded to a report of an assault that just occurred, and the suspect had left the scene.  One male was arrested for battery and disorderly conduct.

5-7-23:  Received a complaint from a female stating she is being harassed by another person concerning an upcoming court case.

5-9-23:  There was property damage where a vehicle struck a building.

5-10-23:  A woman came to the police department to report a hit and run on her vehicle.

5-11-23:  Officers responded to a motel to speak with a sex offender who violated his offender conditions out of Kentucky.  Officers reported the information back to the Kentucky probation and parole agent.

5-13-23:  Report of a heavily intoxicated male pounding on the reporting party's door.  An officer assisted the person to his destination

5-15-23:  A deer jumped through a window and became stuck inside an office in the paper mill.  An officer used a catchpole to free the deer from the building and let it loose outside.  See related story.

5-17-23: There was a report from a citizen of a bobcat in the area.  The caller was concerned as the animal has been sighted several times, and there are numerous children and small dogs that live in the neighborhood.

5-18-23:  A concerned citizen informed an officer of juveniles damaging play equipment at a church.

5-19-23:  An officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle.  Upon making contact with the male suspect driver, an officer found the suspect to be a convicted felon and in possession of a concealed knife

5-21-23:  A motorcycle versus car accident occurred in the parking lot of a hardware store.

5-21-23:  An officer assisted a Price County deputy who arrested one intoxicated male suspect who struck a fire hydrant with a vehicle.

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