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Reports received by the police departments in Price County for the month have been condensed and summarized.

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7-3-2023:  A Phillips man reported a threat was made to him by an AirBNB guest.  After the guest left, damage to window blinds was discovered.  The owner of the property reported the damage to AirBNB but was denied the claim.  The guest found out about the claim and then left the owner a voice message stating, "That's fine if you wanna steal my money; just remember, I live close by."

7-3-2023:  A Catawba man reported someone's bull was in the pasture with his cows and he wanted it out but the owner of the bull refused to get the bull out of the pasture.

7-4-2023:  A Phillips man reported damage to his property in the Town of Elk, which he believed was caused by a fireworks display the previous night at a bar by his home.  The man stated debris from the fireworks had damaged vehicles and other property.  The man attempted to contact the bar owner but was unsuccessful.

7-4-2023:  A Phillips man reported a male came to his residence asking for a blanket.  He stated the male looked like he was going to hide somewhere.  The male left on an orange bike and had a backpack.

7-5-2023:  A Phillips man reported that he was experiencing harassing behavior from the Town of Flambeau, because the individual had township employees remove brush on his property.

7-5-2023:  A Phillips woman from a business called to advise that a customer had pulled a knife on her and she needed the police.  The line disconnected, and police responded.

7-7-2023:  A man reported his vehicle was rear-ended in the Township of Fifield.  At the time of call there were no injuries reported and there was no road blockage.  Dispatch received a call from the Pike Lake Fire Chief, and he advised they needed an ambulance to respond for a passenger.

7-7-2023:  A man called 911 to report a motorcycle hitting a deer in the Township of Fifield.  He stated both occupants were injured but responsive at the time of the call.  Park Falls Ambulance Service, Park Falls Ambulance Service back-up rig, Pike Lake Fire Department, Pike Lake First Responders, Fifield Fire Department, and Fifield First Responders were paged.  Park Falls requested Marshfield Medical Center Med 5 for ground intercept and Life Link for two helicopters.

7-8-2023:  A Phillips woman reported damage to her patio furniture from fireworks set off at a bar on July 3, 2023.  The woman said there were hot spots on the arms of the chairs and table.  She also found cement chunks in her yard from the fireworks.

7-8-2023:  A Phillips man reported a pontoon came off its trailer when the vehicle towing it negotiated an intersection to travel north, and the pontoon tipped over.  No injuries were reported.

7-8-2023:  An Ogema woman reported large fireworks being set off.  She was informed the Town of Ogema had rescheduled their fireworks, and it was the Ogema Fire Department setting off the fireworks.

7-8-2023:  A man reported that loud music from a bar in the Town of Elk was disturbing him.

7-10-2023:  A deputy found drug paraphernalia on the side of the road.

7-10-2023:  A former employer of a man reported the man had been fired and was now at the job site yelling, screaming, and causing a disturbance.

7-11-2023:  An Ogema man reported that his wife, who he believes has dementia, left on a UTV.  About fifteen minutes later, a woman called reporting someone in her yard who appeared to be confused.  The husband was taken to the residence to be reunited with his wife.

7-11-2023:  A Park Falls woman called stating she needed assistance because her brother was being an idiot.

7-12-2023:  A woman called reporting an individual, with a long-gun slung across his back, had entered a store in Phillips.  She stated the man was just looking around and not pointing the rifle at anyone, but the woman was concerned.

7-15-2023:  Three women reported damage to their mailboxes at their separate residences in Phillips.  Two of the women heard noises around 2:30 to 4 a.m.  One stated her mailbox appeared to have been shot.

7-16-2023:  A Phillips woman reported a vehicle in the ditch with unknown number of occupants or if there were any injuries.

7-17-2023:  A woman reported her mailbox was damaged overnight.

7-17-2023:  Two separate callers reported a man lying in the roadway in Fifield.  One of the callers talked with the man, and he said he was walking to Minocqua.

7-19-2023:  Multiple callers reported a boat in the roadway near the Fifield wayside.  No injuries were reported, and a caller was able to move the boat out of the roadway.

7-20-2023:  A Phillips man reported he hit a calf with a UTV, and the calf was deceased.

7-20-2023:  A Phillips woman reported that, while avoiding something in the roadway, she rolled her vehicle, was trapped, and had neck and back pain.

7-21-2023:  An Ogema woman called requesting the phone number for NASA.  She said she did not want any deputies sent.  She called back screaming, "Don't send the deputies.  I need to talk to someone higher up than you."

7-22-2023:  A Prentice man reported a woman at his home was being belligerent and kept turning off the power panel because she believed people were stealing power.

7-24-2023:  A woman called stating that her husband told her a tall, thin, blonde woman was trying to get into vehicles parked at a resort.  It appeared the woman was trying to put items in the vehicles.  Another woman called stating she saw the same woman at her residence.  A Code Red was sent.  About 50 minutes later, a deputy attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle believed to be driven by the person for which they were looking.  However, the driver sped off and then stopped and left on foot.  A woman called to report that a tall, blonde woman with a gash on her forehead had appeared at her house stating she was in an accident and her boyfriend was in the rocks.  When the homeowner called for help, the woman left.  Police then saw the woman running in a field south of the concrete park.  A taser was deployed, and the woman was taken into custody.  An ambulance was called as the patient lost consciousness but was breathing.  Read the related article.

7-27-2023:  A Phillips woman reported that 17 to 19 head of cattle were missing from her herd.  The all white cattle were a special breed and a mixture of adults and calves.

7-27-2023:  A Phillips woman reported that her neighbor called requesting that she check on the neighbor's husband due to his health.  The woman found the man to be deceased and thought he may have been so for some time.

7-28-2023:  A Butternut man called that his neighbor's dog was being a nuisance for some time, barking day and night.  The neighbor then called stating that his neighbor was preventing him from leaving his driveway for about twenty minutes.  He said the man was yelling and swearing about the dog barking.

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7-3-2023:  Responded to a report of a theft that had occurred in the City of Phillips.  The officer arrived and mediated the situation and got the individuals property returned.

7-3-2023:  Received a report that an individual tried to use a fake ID at a local business in the City of Phillips.  The officer responded and collected the ID and interviewed the employee.

7-4-2023:  Received a report of a child who was struck by a vehicle in the City of Phillips.  The child was not injured, but the mother wanted a report for record of the incident.

7-5-2023:  A person reported to the Phillips Police Department that they received a worthless check for services rendered and/or goods purchased.  Attempts to collect the money owed via Certified Mail were unsuccessful.  Police issued a citation for each violation to the subject with a mandatory court appearance and, in addition to the fine, is requesting restitution be paid to the victim of this offense as part of a court order.

7-5-2023:  Responded to a disorderly situation at a local business where a knife was displayed by an adult male, who was then arrested for disorderly conduct.

7-7-2023:  Received a complaint from a female individual stating her sister would not leave her mother's apartment.  An officer spoke with the woman who stated her sister had been living there for six months and is receiving mail there.  An officer advised the woman would have to contact the landlord and advise them; if she did not leave on her own, then they would have to start the eviction proses since residency had been established.

7-8-2023:  Received a report of a hit and run vehicle accident on South Lake Avenue.  An officer met with the adult female owner of the struck vehicle who said she was advised of the accident from the business she was at.  An officer spoke with a witness who provided a brief description of the possible striking vehicle.  The officer remained on scene until the vehicle was removed by a local towing service.  An officer checked with the business for any video footage.

7-11-2023:  Received a phone call from a local business reporting stolen property.  The officer was informed the crime took place outside of the City of Phillips but that the individual involved resided in the City of Phillips.  The business informed the officer that their local police department had been contacted, as well.

7-12-2023:  Observed a male individual who looked to be camping at Elk Lake Park, so an officer told the male that camping was not allowed at Elk Lake Park.  The male stated he would leave.

7-14-2023:  Received a report that a City of Phillips resident found a basket of kittens and a mother cat that was abandoned.  The officer advised the resident to contact a local animal rescue.

7-15-2023:  Observed a man fishing from the railroad bridge off of North Lake Avenue.  An officer spoke with the man about safety concerns.  In doing so, the officer learned that the man did not have a valid fishing license.  The officer issued the man a warning, and the man then obtained a Wisconsin fishing license.

7-15-2023:  Contacted by a woman reporting harassing behavior from a neighbor.  An officer met with the woman who explained the situation and requested a report be on file.

7-17-2023:  Responded to a report of a theft from a property in the City of Phillips.  The officer made contact with the complainants and gathered the necessary information.  The officer made contact with the neighbors of the complainant in order to look for any witnesses.  A further investigation is pending.

7-18-2023:  Received information of a man who was residing in the City of Phillips with an
active arrest warrant out of the State of Illinois.  Officers conducted surveillance of the residence and eventually the man exited the residence.  Officers were able to take the man into custody without incident.

7-18-2023:  Received a report of vandalism at a residence in the City of Phillips.  An officer responded and spoke with the witness.  The officer was able to speak with three juveniles that were involved plus the parents of the individuals.  An officer spoke with the owner of the property. The officer will be referred the three juveniles to Price County Human Services.

7-18-2023:  Responded to a report of a domestic disturbance at a residence in the City of Phillips.  The officer arrived on scene, along with Price County Sheriff's deputies.  After an investigation, one male was arrested for child abuse.  One female will have charges referred for child abuse.

7-20-2023:  Assisted the Price County Sheriff's Department with a one vehicle roll-over outside the City of Phillips.  An officer arrived on scene with the Price County Sheriff's Department and was advised the female driver was trapped in the vehicle.  An officer was able to open the door, and the Central Price County Ambulance Service transported the female to the medical center for evaluation.

7-24-2023:  Received a necklace that was found at the Elk Lake Park pavilion.  An officer filled out a custody document and put the necklace into safe-keeping until the owner can be located.

7-24-2023:  Assisted the Price County Sheriff's Department with attempting to locate an adult female who had fled from a vehicle after a pursuit.  Deputies were able to locate the female and take her into custody.

7-25-2023:  Responded to a report of a snowblower on fire in a yard off of Sout Avon Avenue.  An officer arrived and ordered for the man to put the fire out.  The man got a fire extinguisher and put out the fire.  The officer could smell the odor of intoxicants coming from the man and knew the man was on bond.  The officer arrested the man for misdemeanor bail jumping and also issued two citations for disturbing the peace and negligent handling of burning material.  The man was transported to the Price County Jail where he was booked and released.

7-28-2023:  Responded to an elderly living facility where a resident had hit another resident. An officer spoke with both parties and advised them not to have contact with each other.

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7-3-2023:  Received a report stating a man's ex-girlfriend was headed to their home with guns in search of the man's daughter.  Officers responded, and two people were taken into custody on a separate incident, felony mistreatment of animals.

7-6-2023:  A hit and run occurred at the grocery store.  No injuries were reported.  The Phillips Police Department made contact with the driver who eventually called the Park Falls Police Department.  The woman admitted to hitting the vehicle and didn't believe there was much damage, so she just left the scene.  The driver was issued a citation for hit and run property adjacent to highway.

7-7-2023:  Officers, along with the Price County Chief Deputy, responded to a report of domestic violence in progress with a man threatening to kill another man.  Both people received verbal warnings.

7-8-2023:  Received information on a possible bail bond and harassment/witness intimidation violation against a witness of a prior criminal incident.

7-8-2023:  Received a report that a vehicle was damaged due to a pothole in a gas station's parking lot.

7-8-2023:  Received a complaint of water leaking into a business from an apartment above.

7-9-2023:  Received a domestic abuse/battery incident.  The predominant aggressor was arrested for disorderly conduct, battery, and felony bail jumping.

7-14-2023:  An officer was assigned to investigate a theft complaint at a gas station.  The suspect was observed on video filling his pockets with items.  A citation was issued; a trespass warning was issued.

7-15-2023:  An officer was made aware of the location of a male suspect with a warrant out for his arrest.  Officers responded to the location and Located the male suspect.  The male was transported to the Price County Jail without incident.

7-19-2023:  There was a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of Highway 182 and Highway 13.  Minor injuries were reported.

7-23-2023:  A complainant reported a high-pitched piercing noise going off intermittently at a neighbor's house.  It was believed to be motion-activated, which is affecting the complainant's sleep and has been occurring all summer.

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