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Reports received by the police departments in Price County for the month have been condensed and summarized.

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7-31-2023:  A Phillips woman stated someone was impersonating her priest via text message.  The messages asked her to purchase $300 worth of Apple cash cards from Walgreens or Wal-Mart from an elderly lady with cancer.  The woman attempted to call the number and reached an answering machine with a male voice with an Indian accent.  She received several texts messages after the phone call asking if she was purchasing the gift cards and to respond as soon as possible.

7-31-2023:  A Catawba man reported than a man came to his residence, entered the barn, started to throw and kick items in the barn, and said he would come back at a later time and get him.  See related story.

8-1-2023:  A Phillips woman reported that a Back the Blue sign had been stolen from her property in the Township of Flambeau.  She noticed the sign missing upon returning from work.

8-2-2023:  An Ogema woman reported that a man was being very abusive to two females, had recently used methamphetamine, and then drove off in a black Dodge Durango.  The woman said the man left drugs in her back yard.  One of the females was having breathing problems.  Prentice Ambulance Service responded.

8-2-2023:  A woman reported the theft of a Harley Davidson motorcycle, a chainsaw, and other items from her father's residence.  Her father recently passed away, and they were there to pick items up for his memorial.  She advised there were recent tracks in the yard.  Family members were at the residence over the weekend.

8-3-2023:  A man called to report that he believed his cabin was burglarized.  He had not been to the cabin since about September 2022.

8-3-2023:  A woman reported that her vehicle was stolen from Kennan.  Her father had passed on, but he had owned the vehicle.  She believed a woman and her son traded several of her deceased father's vehicles for a Buick that they currently had.  She stated the vehicle did not have any license plates, and she did not know the vehicle identification number, but she did have the title and the keys.

8-4-2023:  An Ogema man called to request a deputy respond to his residence as soon as possible for three cows that were in his yard.  The man stated the owner of the cows was driving up and down the road past his residence angry because the caller wouldn't let the man on the property.

8-4-2023:  A Prentice company reported they received information from a man in Georgia stating he received three checks from their company.  The man had never been an employee or customer.  The checks were not the same checks that the company uses but did have a supervisor's signature on all of them.

8-5-2023:  A Phillips woman reported that an intoxicated man was in the process of deliberately destroying a vehicle belonging to her adult daughter while shouting and calling the young woman foul names.  On 8-6-2023, the mother reported receiving a Facebook message from the man asking her to tell her daughter that she could sign a waiver to stop the 72-hour no-contact order.  The message to the woman violated the 72-hour no contact order.

8-5-2023:  A Brantwood woman called to report her husband stole her purse.  While on the phone, dispatch could hear her husband yelling in the background that his wife stole his checkbook and was embezzling money from him.  No weapons were reported to be on the property, and both parties stated they were okay to wait for law enforcement to arrive.  A deputy responded.

8-6-2023:  A woman contacted dispatch to report finding a motorcycle in the Township of Knox. She stated the motorcycle was a 1972 Harley Davidson Shovelhead, which had originally been painted red, but was recently painted blue.  She said she saw a male walking away from where the motorcycle was.  The motorcycle was positively identified from the 8-2-2023 stolen motorcycle complaint and was removed as a stolen vehicle.  The Milwaukee chainsaw and a Milwaukee blower were entered as stolen.

8-8-2023:  A Kennan man reported he struck an electrical pole, knocking it down.  He was not injured, and no power lines were down.

8-9-2023:  A Wausau woman called to report her son was not at their cabin.  She stated that her son took his father to the hospital because he fell that afternoon.  The woman also stated there were people who claimed to be tenants at the cabin.  She said she could not contact her son.  Dispatch called the medical center but no one was there by that name.  The woman asked dispatch to call all the local hospitals for her and that she usually deals with Marathon County.  She screamed that she wanted to report her son missing.  Shortly thereafter, dispatch received a call from a man stating his brother's “crazy” ex-girlfriend was on his property and not allowed to be there.  The man also stated the woman's son is in Wausau.

8-10-2023:  A woman reported her neighbor was using a chainsaw to trim limbs near the property line.  The caller felt threatened by this action even though the woman had not gone on her property and had not threatened her in any way.  The caller stated she called the Sheriff's Office earlier in the day to complain about neighbor's barking dog and thought her neighbor was angry with her for doing so.

8-11-2023:  A man reported five mailboxes were damaged and left in a pile.

8-15-2023:  A male reported there was a female at his residence, and the female was tearing up his house.  The female left when deputies were on their way.

8-17-2023:  A man reported that since arriving at his cabin on August 15, 2023, he noticed that a truck he had at the cabin had a screwdriver and two drill bits lying on the front seat, plus the ignition was damaged, and he was unsure when this may have happened.

8-18-2023:  A Prentice man reported his wife possibly having tracking and listening capabilities installed on his phone because she has made comments about conversations that did not take place in her presence.

8-18-2023:  A male stated his mother had called him several times, crying, and then she would hang up.  He was concerned his mother was injured as he did not know where she or his step-father were at that time.  An officer located his step-father passed out in a vehicle in their driveway.

8-19-2023:  A Phillips man reported a fist fight in progress in the Township of Elk.  A second call was received reporting the same incident and those callers stated a man threatened to shoot another man.

8-19-2023:  A Phillips woman reported 22 chickens were missing from her property.  She called back to state the chickens were not missing as she discovered her relatives had taken them to the county fair.

8-20-2023:  A Phillips resident called to report a man walking along the side of the road in the Township of Flambeau.  The man was older with longer dark hair that was going gray.  The man appeared to be weaving as he walked.

8-21-2023:  A Park Falls man reported a nude male was lying down near a garage.  The caller asked the male if he needed assistance, but the male flipped him off and stated he was having a party.

8-21-2023:  A Medford doctor requested to speak with an investigator about a possible child abuse that occurred in Price County.

8-22-2023:  A Catawba man called 911 stating he was physically assaulted by another man.  See related story.

8-23-2023:  An Ogema woman reported her 9 mm handgun was stolen from her truck.

8-25-2023:  A woman called yelling that her son had kicked her out of the apartment; dispatch noted she was disrespectful and told them they should have gotten her address after they had gotten her address.  The woman thought she hung up and was swearing about dispatch.  Police responded and needed a soft helmet as the woman kept hitting her head on the squad vehicle.

8-26-2023:  A deputy was attempting to stop a vehicle, and the vehicle fled at a speed of 70 MPH.  The pursuit began around 12:42 a.m. near Hemlock and continued to Gates Lake Road, Sheep Ranch Road, County Road H, Sandy Lane, County Road H, Sheep Ranch, and Wilson.  The black Chevrolet truck was not found so more police responded.

8-26-2023:  A fair staff member reported a suspicious male at the fair who appeared to be stalking older children plus he had gone into the female restroom.

8-27-2023:  Two inmates got into a fight at the Price County Jail.

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8-1-2023:  Received a compliant on suspicious activity that has been occurring at a city residence.  Extra patrol has been requested.

8-1-2023:  Requested to check the welfare of a citizen in the City of Phillips.  An officer knocked on the door and windows for several minutes with no response.  The officer spoke with a neighbor who indicated they had not seen the adult female since the prior afternoon.  Officers forced entry into the home and located the female who was not injured and not in need of medical attention.  Officers observed the home was not safe for human habitation and advised Price County Human Services of the situation.

8-1-2023: Responded to a report of an alleyway caving in.  The officer responded and observed a small cave in.  The officer contacted the Phillips Department of Public Works and the alleyway was shut down until it could be fixed.

8-2-2023:  Investigated a report of a possible burglary at a local residence.  An officer investigated the incident and learned of a second burglary.  The officer interviewed all juvenile males and referred them to Price County Human Services for burglary.

8-3-2023:  Assisted a motorist whose camper was on fire.  Officers arrived and put out the fire.

8-5-2023:  Advised of a male individual who was yelling and screaming at his residence.  An officer arrived on scene and spoke with the male individual who was highly intoxicated and stated he was upset. The male subject was arrested and brought to the Price County Jail for booking,

8-8-2023:  Police spoke with a citizen who advised that a piece of equipment was left in the City of Phillips and it appeared strange.  Phillips Police investigated the matter and learned the item was stolen out of Madison WI.  The item was recovered and will be returned to the owner.

8-10-2023:  Responded to a report of a vehicle striking a power pole at a local business in the City of Phillips.  The officer arrived on scene and observed minimal damage to the power pole. The officer spoke with the manager of the business and was advised he would like nothing done. The officer was unable to make contact with the driver of the vehicle as they had left the scene.

8-11-2023: Received a report of a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of Old 13 Road and North Lake Avenue in the City of Phillips.  An officer arrived on scene and spoke with the individuals who were involved in the accident.  A citation for Failure to Yield to Right of Way was issued.

8-15-2023:  Spoke with a citizen who had concerns about their neighbor photographing them while they were in their apartment.

8-16-2023:  Received a report of property damage that occurred at a local business on Walnut Street. The officer photographed the damage and made contact with the individuals involved, who were referred to the Price County Health and Human Services Department.

8-19-2023:  Received a report from an adult male regarding his neighbor's dog.  The adult male stated that the dog runs at him aggressively and is afraid that the dog may bite or hurt his juvenile children.  The adult male stated that the dog has come onto his property and defecated.  The officer spoke to the neighbor and warned them that their dog needs to stay on their property.

8-29-2023:  Responded to 911 call where a female adult entered the bedroom window of another adult at an apartment complex on Fairway Drive. One female was arrested for criminal trespass to a dwelling, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

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8-1-2023:  A caller reported bullet holes in his window. There were two small holes of unknown origin in the garage door window.

8-1-2023:  There was a complaint of a homeless suspect offering drugs and alcohol to kids at area parks.  It was later determined to be Tuscobia Trailhead Park, and an investigation determined the suspect is likely no longer in the area.

8-4-2023:  Received a report of a dog on a roof but the complaint was unfounded, and residents would not answer the door.

8-4-2023:  An officer was approached by one male at a convenience store.  The male reported another male was threatening to kill him.

8-5-2023: A man called to advise the rear window of his truck had been broken out.

8-5-2023:  There was a complaint of feeding deer in violation of Ordinance 11-6-10.  This is the third violation at this residence with two prior warnings.

8-9-2023:  Received a complaint of a hit and run incident where an unknown motor vehicle struck and damaged the mailbox at the victim’s residence.

8-10-2023: An issue between neighbors over trees on the property line was reported.  An officer kept the peace during the conversation, and the neighbors came up with an agreement to remove the problem tree.

8-10-2023:  A citizen called the police department to report two bikes lying in the wooded ditch area of the 200 block of 3rd Avenue South.  Officers responded and recovered the bikes.

8-11-2023: A man reported that in the morning of 08/09/23, a man pointed a golf club at him, chest bumped him, and pushed him away at the country club.  The complainant didn't know who the man was, and the golf course manager wouldn't tell him who it was.  Investigation to continue.

8-12-2023:  Received a phone call from a woman stating her children’s two bicycles had been stolen out of the backyard.  The bicycles were determined to be the bicycles that the officers located earlier in the month.

8-13-2023: An officer was dispatched for an inactive domestic abuse incident.  The officer located the victim, who was transported to the medical center per EMS.  The officer located the male suspect at a separate location.  The male was placed under arrest and cited for the possession of illegal substances and drug paraphernalia.

8-14-2023:  A verbal altercation was reported at the post office between customers and employees.

8-14-2023:  An officer spoke with a reporting party regarding two suspicious male subjects who were at a bar.  While speaking with the reporting party, a convenience store worker inquired about the same two suspicious individuals at the store, who possibly stole items in the store.

8-18-2023:  A trespassing complaint involving two juvenile subjects banging on garage door and then running away from the residence was reported.

8-23-2023:  A man reported he was having an issue with another man coming to his apartment and taking food.

8-23-2023:  A citizen was heard yelling profanity for no apparent reason while walking down the sidewalk.  An officer warned the woman for her behavior.

8-25-2023:  Officers responded to one man's residence as he had an active warrant for his arrest.  Officers made contact with the man and placed him under arrest.  He paid his bond at the police station.

8-25-2023:  Officers responded to a residence where suspects in a vehicle had been captured on security camera footage throwing eggs at a camper.  An officer later located the vehicle and suspects at a residence in Fifield.  Numerous citations were issued.

8-26-2023:  An officer responded to a residence where the reporting party's residence had been vandalized with toilet paper.

8-26-2023:  An officer responded to a convenience store for the complaint of retail theft.  Upon investigation, one male was arrested for numerous drug charges.

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