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Reports received by the police departments in Price County for the month have been condensed and summarized.


10-2-2023:  Staff from the Price County Clerk of Courts called to report a female subject was in the Sheriff's Office parking lot and was not wearing pants.  At the time of the call the female subject was near the recycle bins.  Staff reported that the female had been hanging around the courthouse all day.

10-3-2023:  A Phillips woman reported a gray vehicle parked in her driveway that she did not recognize.  Her husband was away.  She stated the vehicle was not there when she returned home the night prior at about 8:15 p.m.  She did not see anyone in the vehicle.

10-3-2023:  A Park Falls man stated that three days prior a man verbally threatened to physically assault him.  He was not sure what caused this reaction but thought it might be because he asked him not to point the lawnmower shoot at his vehicle while mowing.

10-4-2023:  A Prentice woman called to report a female was walking around the Village of Prentice and she appeared to be very confused.  The person received rides from people either to her residence or to the grocery store.  The person then went out walking again and stopped and asked people where she is at.

10-4-2023:  A Kennan man advised there was a blue truck that travels on County Road N with firewood on the trailers that he pulls, and wood chunks bounce off of the trailers.

10-4-2023:  A Park Falls man stated that at least two men entered their cabin and removed several items from the cabin.  He has cameras up around the cabin, and he had the subjects on camera.  His mother was at the cabin a week prior and everything was fine.  His mother went to the cabin today and noticed property missing.

10-5-2023:  A Phillips man said he received a scam call from a man that had an accent from India.  The number that showed up as the origin of the call was a local number for the tech school in Phillips.  The caller had indicated he was doing a survey and asked for the man's Social Security Number and other personal information, which he did not give.  He told the caller he knew it was a scam and hung up.  The man wanted the Sheriff's Office to be aware that callers are spoofing local numbers.

10-5-2023:  A Phillips man reported a scam.  He had received several calls from a person that wanted to fix his computer.  The man sent money in February for $9,000.  In September, he sent the subject another $9,000 in two checks.  The person wanted more money, but the victim said he did not want to work with the scammer, and the scammer stated he now owed him $52,000.  The scammer claimed he had not received the last two checks that were sent in September.

10-9-2023:  A man called to report being indirectly threatened by an inmate of the Price County Jail. He stated a woman told him that an inmate told her, over the phone, that he intended to kill several people when he was released from jail, including him and his family. He was unable to provide a specific date and time the woman had received the call.  He admitted the woman may have been lying about the whole thing.

10-9-2023:  A Phillips woman called to report she was at her daughter's residence letting the dogs out and a male came onto the property stating he was looking for a girlfriend and wanted sex.  He identified himself, appeared intoxicated, and made the statement, "I am so f***ing drunk right now," during their interaction.  He left in his vehicle when she went in the house.

10-9-2023:  A Butternut woman reported her aunt was scammed out of $6,000 when receiving a call from someone claiming to be Publisher's Clearing House.  They told her she won but needed to pay for the transport of her winnings.  Since she would not give her bank account information, she was instructed to buy gift cards and send them to an address in Connecticut.  When the woman stopped making payments, she was contacted by the "Publisher's Clearing House Police" and was told she would have to pay them for their work.  The niece, who balances the aunt's checkbook, was able to cancel some of the gift cards, totaling $1,500.

10-9-2023:  Two Ogema men reported cows in their yards and through a fence.

10-10-2023:  A Prentice woman reported she was at a garage sale with her son five days prior.  Her son was riding his bike outside in front of a truck and trailer that did not see him and ran him over.  She took her son to the hospital and his hand was the only thing that was injured.

10-10-2023:  A Phillips man stated another man threatened him with a knife when he asked him to leave.

10-11-2023:  An Ogema man reported his neighbor's 350-pound pig was again in his pasture with his cows and knocks his fences down when doing so.

10-11-2023:  A Phillips woman called stating that while driving on County Road D, she saw a man, near Worcester Road, who was waving his arms like he needed assistance and she felt an officer should check on him.  A man then called advising there was a vehicle in the ditch on Cross Cut Road.  There were no injuries or damage but there were "suspicious circumstances."

10-12-2023:  A Park Falls man reported that a man, whose name he knew, drove past his residence, slowed down, and appeared to point a gun at him.

10-13-2023:  A Prentice woman stated a man was in a store and asked if the vehicle was hers and then her income tax report went missing from her front seat.

10-14-2023:  An anonymous caller stated they saw a black truck and trailer on the side of the road.  The person saw three males and one female and that two of the males dragged the female into the woods.  An officer responded and found that the people own the property.  There was a mother and daughter there, and the daughter has disabilities.

10-17-2023:  A man reported his mother received a voice message that sounded threatening.  The individual who left the message stated they knew she was there and they were done playing games; that they were listening and watching her.  The individual also stated that if she wanted to play games they would play games back. They also mentioned the woman's husband, who had been deceased for ten years.  Dispatch called the woman who confirmed she had received such a voice message.

10-19-2023:  A Prentice woman stated her dog was shot the night prior or early morning.  She took the dog to the vet and it had to be euthanized.

10-19-2023:  A Phillips woman reported seeing a person walking down the road with a blue umbrella and blue jacket but they did not have pants on.  The caller did not know if the person was a man or a woman.

10-20-2023:  A conservation warden found a vehicle that had rolled over and was smoking.  The airbags were deployed but no one was in the vehicle.  A passerby said they saw a person walking down a trail.  The person was located.

10-20-2023:  A man reported he was walking his dog when someone in a tree stand threatened to shoot him and his dog with his crossbow.  An officer advised that since the individuals were separated, a deputy would not be responding immediately and a night shift deputy would respond.

10-20-2023:  A Phillips woman reported finding a trail camera on her property.

10-21-2023:  A Butternut woman stated a scammer called claiming to be a Price County deputy and stated she needed to pay $5,000 or she would be arrested.  The caller knew her career and where she was located.  The woman was not out any money.

10-21-2023:  A Phillips woman received a call from a scammer who claimed to be a Price County deputy.  They stated she needed to pay $5,000 or she would be arrested.  They also asked if she had money or prescription medication in her home.  The woman was not out any money.

10-21-2023:  A Phillips woman reported she received information that her adult son was putting holes in her walls with a hammer and trashing her house.  She later called back to say she found her son at a liquor store and was driving him home.

10-22-2023:  A woman reported finding a camera on her property in the Township of Prentice.

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10-2-2023:  A fire alarm that was going off at an apartment complex.  An officer arrived on scene and was advised an elderly female had burnt her food and set off the fire alarm.

10-3-2023:  A report was received that an adult male was driving past a residence and honking their vehicle horn.  The caller indicated that the male subject is doing this to annoy the occupants of the home.  An officer left two voice mail messages for the other party involved to contact the police department.  An investigation is pending.

10-3-2023:  A man stated that his neighbor's dog broke its leash and came after him on his property.  The man stated that the dog did not injure him but showed its teeth, and he believed that the dog would bite him.  The officer contacted the owner of the dog and issued a dog at large citation.

10-4-2023:  A man indicated that he had been a victim of a scam.  An officer documented the information.  An investigation is pending.

10-9-2023:  Police assisted the Price County Sheriff's Office with an intoxicated male who had an active DOC warrant and who had drove to the neighbor's residence and was asking for a girlfriend.  The male was taken into custody and transported to the Price County Sheriff's Department.

10-10-2023:  Police received information about a lost item that might be in possession of another person.  An officer obtained more information from the complainant.  The items had been lost the previous year at a local school.  The owner of the lost property believed it was now in the possession of another student.

10-10-2023:  Police received a report of an adult male pulling a knife on two male individuals.  The officer made contact with the suspect who stated that he was saying goodbye to his ex when a man held a bat.  The suspect stated he grabbed a knife in self-defense.  The officer interviewed all parties.  One adult male was arrested for disorderly conduct and failure to comply with an officer's attempt to take the person into custody.  Another man will be referred to the Price County District Attorney's office for obstructing an officer.

10-12-2023:  A local business advised of a male who occasionally came to the business property and went through their garbage looking for partial cigarettes.  The business representative did not know the subject's name but described him as a male in his 20s.  The business representative wanted the male to stay off their property.

10-20-2023:  Police received a trespassing complaint.  The officer met with the complainant who stated his surveillance cameras captured a man that came onto his porch and stood there for a while.  The complaint stated that he posted the pictures online and someone was able to identify the man.  The complainant wanted a report for record documented.  The officer attempted to contact the identified man but was unsuccessful.

10-23-2023:  A local gas station stated a male was was flailing his arms around yelling by his vehicle.  The male also had items from inside his vehicle on the ground outside his vehicle.  An officer arrived and spoke to the person who advised he lost his wallet and all of his money.

10-23-2023:  Police stopped at a city residence on South Argyle Avenue as the tenant was burning leaves which was emitting heavy smoke in the neighborhood.  An officer spoke with the male who stated he would put out the fire.

10-24-2023:  A local school stated a juvenile male threatened the school and the principal.  An officer obtained statements from witnesses.  The juvenile male was referred to the Price County Human Services Department for disorderly conduct.

10-27-2023:  Police responded to a local business for a report of a hit and run.  The owner of the vehicle that was hit witnessed the accident and attempted to get the driver's attention.  The driver then sped off after hitting the parked vehicle.  The owner of the vehicle observed his damage and drove his car away from the scene of the accident.

10-30-2023:  Police were asked to stand by with the Phillips DPW as they cleaned refuse from a residence on South Argyle Avenue.  An officer stood by while DPW worked on cleaning the residence.

10-31-2023:  Police responded to a residence for a fire.  An officer arrived on scene and observed the rear of the residence was on fire and there was smoke coming out of the residence.  An officer made sure nobody was in the residence and made sure the area was clear.  The Phillips Fire Department arrived on scene and worked on putting the fire out.  An officer stood by until Phillips Fire cleared the scene.

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10-3-2023:  An officer conducted a traffic stop on a speeding vehicle.  Upon investigation, an officer observed one juvenile violating the curfew ordinance.  The juvenile was warned about curfew, and his mother was contacted.

10-4-2023:  An officer assisted a Price County deputy out of the city, who located illegal substances and drug paraphernalia inside a suspect vehicle.  An officer assisted the deputy further with standardized field sobriety tests.  One male was arrested for OWI (1st).

10-10-2023:  A suspicious vehicle was seen around the trailer park throughout the day, which was possibly related to an ongoing eviction at a trailer.

10-11-2023:  Officers responded onto City Wells Road to assist with the report of a male subject hunting with a crossbow in the roadway.

10-12-2023:  An officer assisted red-transport with a courtesy stop while transporting a mental health patient to Winnebago from Ashland County.  The male needed to use the restroom.  The male wanted the officer's badge number and name claiming as he claimed he was being kidnapped.

10-22-2023:  While doing an extra patrol in the parking lot of Tuscobia Park, an officer observed a truck with its lights on parked in one of the stalls.  The officer made contact with the two juvenile occupants of the truck.  They explained that they were just looking for a place to talk.  They were warned about being in the park after hours and sent on their way.

10-24-2023: Police were requested to respond to Chequamegon Elementary School for a fight that occurred on the bus the night prior.  Both students were referred to Price County Human Services.

10-25-2023:  Officers responded to assist Park Falls Ambulance at the Chequamegon Elementary School for a female who fell in the gym and broke her wrists.  The school was placed on soft lockdown, which is the protocol for injuries.  EMS' body-worn carbon monoxide detectors activated, and the Park Falls Fire Department was called, responding with a carbon monoxide detector.  While in the gym area, the reading on the detector was at 15 PPM concentration level.  Various areas of the school were tested.  The kitchen area of the school cafeteria was at escalated levels.  After a time, the fire department and school staff were able to locate and control the carbon monoxide leak.  The student lockdown ended.

10-26-2023:  Police received a report of a male juvenile entering the girl's locker room after school hours.  The individual was identified as wearing a mask and entering lockers.

10-28-2023:  There was a disturbance at a bar.  Multiple people were involved.  There was also a minor hit and run (with non-reportable damage) where the driver of the striking vehicle was stopped by a Price County deputy on 9th Street South and arrested for OWI.  As for the disturbance, the bar management requested two people be banned permanently.  Only one of those people was identified at this time, and the bartender was instructed to call immediately should the second unidentified person return to the establishment.

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