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Reports received by the police departments in Price County for the month have been condensed and summarized.


2-2-2024:  A Park Falls man reported finding his roommate in the garage, and he believed the man was deceased.

2-2-2024:  A Fifield woman received a call, claiming to be Walmart, which stated her $900 play set had been shipped.  The recording stated she should press a number on her phone if she wished to report this as a scam.  When she pressed the number, a man kept asking for her name, so she hung up realizing it was a scam call.

2-5-2024:  A male reported a physical altercation outside of a bar in Park Falls.

2-7-2024:  A woman reported seeing dogs locked in an abandoned house.  The humane officer responded.

2-8-2024:  An Ogema man stated damage was caused to his fence when a man driving a truck and hauling round bales of hay went off the road, dumping the hay bales onto the man's fence and knocking it down.  The man who caused the damage was attempting to repair the fence.

2-8-2024:  A Park Falls woman called to report her sister was attacked by her husband, who fled the scene.

2-8-2024:  A Phillips woman stated someone in a silver truck was shining her field, and she heard a gunshot.

2-9-2024:  A woman reported a single vehicle accident with all air bags deployed and someone still in the vehicle.

2-9-2024:  A man reported a man fell through the ice and had not resurfaced for about two minutes.

2-10-2024:  A call from an iPhone was received advising a crash was detected.  Dispatch called the number several times and made contact with a man who stated he fell asleep behind the wheel after picking up his friend from the bar.  The man advised his truck was on top of him.  Emergency services responded and both men were gotten out of the vehicle.

2-10-2024:  An Ogema woman reported that a man had sent her a message during the morning stating he was having chest pains and she should call 911, but she did not see the message until she woke up.  She could not make contact with him, so she went to his home and saw him through the window.  He was collapsed and purple.  She stated the man was deceased.

2-10-2024:  A Catawba woman stated someone used a screwdriver to pry rubber off her screen door.

2-12-2024:  A woman reported a disorderly conduct incident at the February 8, 2024 Town of Flambeau meeting.

2-12-2024:  A caller stated there were ducks all across the road north of Maki Spur Road.  The ducks had been there for several days and caused people to swerve and slam on their brakes.  One duck was hit by a vehicle.  The caller believed the ducks were owned by a nearby resident.  The humane officer responded.  It was reported that several deceased animals were on the property, seen from the driveway.

2-12-2024:  A man advised someone broke into a garage in Phillips.  He was driving by when he observed the service door to the garage was wide open.

2-13-2024:  An Ogema woman reported her teenage daughter was hiding in their home while someone was trying to break into the residence.  The woman said the person does not have a vehicle, so she figured they would be on foot or on a bicycle.  Officers arrived to find one male at the front door.  People were in the back by the chicken coops.  One person was taken into custody.

2-14-2024:  A Prentice woman called to report someone had logged her property.

2-14-2024:  A Butternut man provided his Medicare card information to someone over the phone.  They asked him if he received his new plastic card to replace his paper one.  He provided his name, date of birth, and an identification number.

2-15-2024:  A Fifield man was shopping online when a pop-up appeared on his computer, claiming to be from Microsoft.  He called the number on the pop-up, and the scammer gained full access to his computer.  The scammer took a photo of the man's driver's license.  The man said he may have given the scammer his Social Security number.  The scammer tried to withdraw $25,000 from his bank account, but the bank blocked the transaction.

2-16-2024:  A Prentice man suspected a break-in at his house given there were marks around his door, which he believed were made by crowbars.

2-18-2024:  A Phillips woman reported a break-in at her residence.  She believed two family members drilled out the locks because she caught them on the property in the past on her trail cameras.

2-19-2024:  A Phillips man reported a two-vehicle accident he was involved in.  There were no injuries.

2-19-2024:  A Fifield man reported he was physically forced out of his residence by a woman and a guy he knew only be a nickname. The man said there were threats made but later stated they were assumed threats.

2-20-2024:  A Catawba woman requested extra patrol by her house during a half hour period because she believed someone was on her porch the night prior and there has been a loud navy blue truck in the area that she and her neighbor do not recognize.

2-21-2024:  A Phillips man reported he could hear gunshots on the north side of Musser Lake that had been occurring for ten minutes.

2-22-2024:  Multiple 911 calls were received.  Dispatch heard a male say, "Someone got murdered."  Dispatch could hear someone crying in the background before the calls were disconnected.  When dispatch called back multiple times, a male would answer and then hang up when he found out dispatch was calling.  Police responded.

2-22-2024:  A man had a homemade weapon in his possession at the Price County Jail.

2-23-2024:  While incarcerated at the Price County Jail, a woman made a threat to a witness in a case.

2-23-2024:  A woman reported receiving a scam call from "Ernesto," who claimed to be the chief investigator for the FBI in Madison. He said he was calling her regarding an abandoned vehicle with drugs in it linked to her and that he was aware she had several bank accounts totaling 1.4 million dollars.  He told her that since she brought drugs across the border, the FBI in Texas was also involved.  He said her nursing license was under review due to this matter.  When she said she would talk to local law enforcement, Ernesto advised her not to talk with anyone else about this as he was law enforcement who was trying to help her. She asked how her information may have been available for someone to use, and he said possibly through an alleged breach that the clinic had a few months ago.  After the call, the woman contacted the FBI in Texas who informed her this was a scam.

2-23-2024:  A bus driver in Phillips notified the bus garage that a student may have a firearm on the bus.  Police responded. See related article.

2-24-2024:  A Park Falls female called 911 to report someone tried to hang herself.  The caller stated she found the person with a cord wrapped around her neck, but she was alert and breathing.

2-25-2024:  A Prentice man reported a grass fire.

2-26-2024:  A Park Falls woman called stating she received a Facebook message from a woman who asked her to call law enforcement because a man was at her residence yelling at her, causing a disturbance, and she was afraid she was going to get hit.  The caller called back to state the woman told her she no longer needed law enforcement as the man had left.  Dispatch attempted to make contact with the woman who needed the police but could not, so a message was left to call the sheriff's office. The woman called back and stated she was okay.  She stated the man was a worker from the Town of Fifield and she felt he was overly aggressive when telling her she needed to pay her water bill.  She said she intended to drop the payment off that night.

2-27-2024:  A Park Falls woman reported suspicious activity on her property line.  She believed her neighbor cut her trees, removed fencing, and burned tree stumps on her side of the property.  She said her neighbor made a pond that was over her property line by nine inches.

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2-2-2024:  Escorted the Phillips High School dance team out of town on their way to State competition.

2-3-2024:  Notified by mail by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections that an offender was released into the community and will be housed at an address in the City of Phillips.

2-3-2024:  Received a report from a male individual who stated his ex-significant other was contacting him when there was a court ordered no contact in place. An officer spoke with both parties involved and is investigating this matter.

2-4-2024:  Arrested a female adult as the female had an an active commitment order warrant out of Price County.  The adult female was not able to post the bond and was held at the Price County Jail.

2-13-2024:  Received information from a local school district about a juvenile student who was making inappropriate comments to a school staff member.  The student was disciplined within the school and a report for record was generated.

2-13-2024:  Received a report of a battery incident that occurred a month ago in the City of Phillips between three male juveniles. An officer is investigating the incident.

2-15-2024:  Dispatched to a report of a jack-knifed semi on Depot Street.  An officer arrived and observed the semi was legally parked along the side of Depot Street.  The driver advised he was unable to go up the hill due to the ice on the roadway.  City of Phillips Department of Public Works responded and sanded the roadway.  The semi left without issue.

2-16-2024:  Received a report of vandalism at the Elk Lake Park Pavilion.  An officer reviewed security footage and is attempting to identify three juveniles involved in the vandalism.  An investigation is pending.

2-16-2024:   Observed numerous bags of refuse in a yard on Jackson Avenue.  An officer spoke with the occupant of the home.  An adult male indicated that he would remove the bags of refuse.  An officer issued a courtesy notice.

2-18-2024:  Assisted the Price County Sheriff's Office with a complaint in the City of Phillips by gaining access to an apartment complex and stood by while an adult female was arrested for misdemeanor bail jumping and violating a court injunction.

2-21-2024:  Assisted the Wisconsin State Patrol with a traffic stop in the City of Phillips.  As a result, an adult female was arrested for operating a motor vehicle with a restricted controlled substance.  The adult female was transported to the medical center for a blood draw.

2-21-2024:  Received a phone call from an intoxicated female who was concerned that her ex-husband was attempting to contact her. The officer spoke with the adult female and determined that the adult female was upset that she was arrested a couple days prior for violating a court order.

2-22-2024:  Requested by the Park Falls Police Department to locate and arrest a 17-year old male for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.  An officer located the male and arrested him.

2-23-2024:  Received a report of animal abandonment.  An officer and Price County Human Deputy responded.  The investigation is pending.

2-23-2024:  Responded to a possible threat on a school bus.  See related article.

2-23-2024:  Received a report of an intoxicated man that was causing a disturbance at a local laundromat.  The officer responded and met with the adult male who was uncooperative.  The man was arrested.

2-25-2024:  Made contact with a man and woman.  The officer was aware of a bond condition that the woman shall not have contact with the man.  An officer reviewed the bond form and arrested the adult female on felony bail jumping.  The female was booked into the Price County Jail.

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2-1-2024:  An officer made a consensual contact with a suspicious male suspect in a convenience store parking lot who had entered and exited the store three times, back and forth to his vehicle. An officer later learned the male suspect falsified his identity to the officer by giving his proper last name but giving the first name of his fraternal twin brother.  The name he gave did not have any outstanding warrants, so the officer let him go.  The officer then did a search online and found the man did not look like the name that he gave, and while talking with an officer in Ashland County, who is related to the man in question, the officer learned his real name and found he is Class-D Suspended.  The officer could not locate the man.

2-1-2024:  An officer met a concerned citizen at the police department.  They informed him that they were out at the dog park with their dog and could hear someone shooting what sounded like a small caliber rifle.  The person stated that they could hear one of the shots ricochet off the fence surrounding the dog park. Officers couldn't locate the shooter or any signs that shots had recently been fired.

2-3-2024:  Price County Dispatch informed an officer of a highly-intoxicated male thought to be under the influence of illegal drugs at the medical center's emergency room.  The male was reported as being belligerent and continuously leaving his hospital room.  An officer was able Tt de-escalate the situation.

2-4-2024:  Price County Dispatch reported a disturbance of an unwanted male in a home.  Upon arrival, an officer de-escalated the situation and gave an intoxicated male a ride to a motel where the male would be staying for the night.

2-6-2024:  An officer conducted a traffic stop on a suspect semi, which had been speeding and operating with two blown-out tires. Upon investigation, the semi was learned to have extensive damage and had been stolen from Athens, WI by the suspect driver.  One male suspect taken into custody.  Numerous citations were issued and criminal charges were referred to the district attorney.

2-7-2024:  A complaint of multiple individuals lurking around parked vehicles and using flashlights and headlamps to navigate in the dark was received.  The suspects reportedly departed just prior to an officer arriving on the scene.  The reporting party reported two separate suspicious complaints.

2-8-2024:  Officers were dispatched by Price County Dispatch requesting assistance for a domestic in progress involving injuries outside the city limits.  One male was arrested.  The Price County Sheriff's Office took over the investigation.

2-9-2024:  The Price County Sheriff's Office requested mutual aid for a single vehicle crash involving an occupant of unknown status.  Upon investigation by police, one driver was arrested for OWI.

2-11-2024:  Police responded to a two-vehicle accident without injuries.  One man told the officer that he accidentally backed up into another vehicle near the entrance to the parking lot of a store.

2-14-2024:  An officer spoke with one male reporting party who stated he believed he had been drugged at a local bar.

2-17-2024:  A female contacted police stating that there are footprints in the snow around her home, and at one point the footprints stopped right under her bedroom window as if someone was looking in the window.  An officer investigated and forwarded the report to the Price County Sheriff's Office.

2-17-2024:  Received a report of a defiant 12-year-old child who was angry, disobedient, and hitting the parent en route from Phillips to Park Falls when she learned her cell phone would be taken away when she got home.  An officer spoke to parent and child, though the child refused to exit the vehicle to talk with the officer.

2-18-2024:  Received a request from Price County Dispatch to assist with a report of a one-vehicle accident on Hwy. 13 north of Park Falls.  The suspect left the scene of the accident.  Live electrical wires from the accident forced both lanes of Hwy. 13 to be shut down.  Park falls officers stabilized the scene until Price County deputies arrived.

2-18-2024:  A truck was observed parked, likely overnight, at a restaurant & bar.  The registered owner is on probation, is a Tier 2 sex offender, has a revoked driver's license, and has one current criminal case for which they are on bail bond.  The report was sent to the individual's probation agent in Rusk County.

2-18-2024:  An officer observed a male pull into a driveway.  The officer knew, from previous experience, that due to an injunction order and bond conditions, the male was not to be in contact with the victim or the residence.  The male was arrested for offenses, and charges were referred to the Price County district attorney's office.

2-22-2024:  An officer was requested to respond to the high school to retrieve an item of drug paraphernalia that had been found on the floor of a classroom.  The item was a black cylindrical tube with a cap.  The tube had a marijuana leaf on it and was clearly a marijuana product.  Police were informed the item had been found on the floor of the art room earlier in the day.  It is unknown who the item had belonged to.

2-22-2024:  Assisted the Price County Sheriff's Office with multiple 911 calls that came in where a male stated he murdered someone and then would not answer dispatch upon call back.  Upon an officer's arrival down the road, nothing could be heard from the area.  Deputies arrived and cleared the scene.  No one was found to be in distress.  One male was subsequently arrested by the Price County Sheriff's Office for the charge of swatting.

2-23-2024:  Officers were dispatched to the medical center for a female who brought suspected drugs into the hospital and attempted to conceal them on her person.  Medical personnel took possession of the suspected drugs and held it until officers arrived.  The suspected drugs were tested, which resulted in a positive test result for methamphetamine.  The female was taken into custody and transported to Price County Jail.

2-24-2024:  An officer was dispatched to the ice rink for a theft of $100 by an employee.  Video footage captured the theft, and the money was eventually relinquished by the suspect.  A citation and parent notification letter were issued.  The suspect was barred from the property indefinitely.

2-24-2024:  A woman reported she believed her neighbors were dumping food over the fence into her yard.

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