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Reports received by the police departments in Price County for the month have been condensed and summarized.


The reports from the end of March were not received at the time of publication last month, so an overview has been included with this month's summary

3-25-24:  A man and woman reported their vehicle was off the roadway and into the ditch.  They did not believe there was damage, and there were no injuries.

3-26-24:  An anonymous caller reported a child screaming for the past few days and a female that seemed to be screaming at the child.  The caller found the screaming to be disturbing.

3-28-24:  A Catawba man reported his Google business listing was listed as being "closed."  Also, someone created a Facebook profile that spoofed his own profile.  A woman in Rhinelander accused him of cheating and was posting about the alleged cheating.  There were comments made on the post about making the man leave the area.  He stated his girlfriend was also being harassed with fake Snapchat accounts.

3-29-24:  Possible child abuse was reported in Prentice.

3-30-24:  A Brantwood man reported a downed power line in the Township of Knox that was snapped by a semi-truck.

3-30-24:  A Brantwood man reported he and his wife had a fight and the woman left, taking their child with her.  The man was angry and swearing at dispatch.  He stated that dispatch better find his wife instead of him finding her because it would not end well.  Dispatch made contact with the wife.

3-31-24:  A Phillips woman stated her neighbor put a paw trap on her property to intentionally harm or kill her cat, and she was taking the cat to the vet.  She stated her neighbor has been trespassing on her property.

4-1-24:  A Fifield woman called stating a renter had been taking photographs of private parts and sending the photos to other renters.  The caller was informed she had 30 complaints filed with the sheriff's office accusing her of doing things, but she said she was only contacted about three of the complaints.

4-1-24:  A store in Prentice reported two thefts that occurred, one on March 15th and one on March 31, 2024.

4-2-24:  A Catawba woman reported she and her passenger were in a roll-over accident, and they were in their seatbelts and unable to get out of the vehicle.

4-5-24:  A Phillips woman said she received a scam call where a man named "Frank" said he was from Medicare and she owed $36,000 for a procedure.  Then "Frank" changed that to a doctor's appointment.  The woman could hear kids and traffic in the background and told the man she knew it was a scam.

4-6-24:  A man and woman found a six-year-old child walking near Bobcat Road.  The child knew his name and where he lived.  They brought the child to his home and a woman was walking down the driveway with a toddler.  She and the child looked dirty.  The couple felt the female did not seem concerned that the child was found on a highway.

4-6-24:  A Park Falls woman stated a woman was outside an apartment yelling and creating a disturbance.

4-7-24:  A man reported a male removed skirting from around his trailer.

4-8-24:  The Eau Claire Police Department advised they received a call from a male, who spoke in Broken English, stating, "I just killed my wife" and then hung up the phone.  The Eau Claire Police Department tried to call the number back, but it was no longer in service.  The sheriff, a lieutenant, and three deputies responded.  Central Price County Ambulance Service was paged to be on standby due to Prentice Ambulance Service being on another call.

4-9-24:  A FedEx driver was bitten by a dog in Price County and was at the medical center in Woodruff.

4-11-24:  A tenant at an apartment complex on Eyder Avenue reported a tenant slamming her door, yelling at the kids in the complex, and making a bunch of noise.

4-11-24:  A Phillips man reported vandalism at his property.

4-13-24:  A Brantwood man called to report someone broke into his home and stole a loaf of bread from his refrigerator.

4-13-24:  A Phillips woman called to report her son had a seizure and was not responsive.  Dispatch advised the woman to lay the child on a blanket or carpet; not put anything in his mouth; place a cold, wet washcloth under his neck; and to tilt the child on his side if he appeared to be choking.  The Central Price County Ambulance responded.

4-13-24:  A Park Falls man called 911 to report his male neighbor had shot his female neighbor in their front yard, and the female was not moving.  Police covered the area looking for the suspect.  See related story.

4-15-24:  A man turned himself in on a Price County warrant.

4-15-24:  A woman called stating she could hear a man and woman yelling at each other and possibly arguing about dogs and the female not grabbing the dog leash fast enough.  She also heard the woman crying and hitting the side of the camper while the man was inside.

4-15-24:  An Ogema man reported having issues with a farm in the Town of Ogema.

4-15-24:  A Park Falls woman reported her brother brought his horse onto her property when she was not home.  The horse defecated on the property, but her brother refused to clean it up.

4-16-24:  A man reported a tree that appeared to be cut 3/4 of the way through which was leaning over Shady Knoll Road.

4-16-24:  A Park Falls woman advised of a large package that was taken from her yard after being delivered that day.

4-18-24:  A man reported a two-vehicle accident in Park Falls.

4-21-24:  An Ogema woman reported her house was on fire.  Everyone appeared to be out of the house.  The woman believe it caught fire from a cigarette that was placed on a piece of cardboard up against the house.

4-22-24:  A Phillips woman reported a scam call where someone said he was her grandson and was in an accident and needed $16,000.  She said the information he had was incorrect about her grandson, and she did not give him any money.

4-23-24:  A Phillips man reported a vehicle rollover in Fifield.  He stated a logging truck rear-ended a vehicle and rolled over.  No injuries were reported.

4-24-24:  A Phillips business reported a chainsaw as being stolen.

4-25-24:  A student became very upset, started flipping out, and created a disturbance in the Prentice School District.  The student then left the school.

4-27-24:  An Ogema man reported cows on his property.

4-28-24:  A woman called reporting that her adult daughter was involved in a domestic incident, and the mother believed her daughter was being harmed.  She felt her daughter had been pinned down and drugged by a man.

4-28-24:  A woman reported several bags of used cat litter and a bottle of needles on her property line in Ogema.

4-28-24:  A woman reported her daughter was missing from a residence in Prentice.  The woman was going to pick up the daughter from a residence.  The girl allegedly went to say "good-bye" to the dog and never came back.  The woman stated they were in the woods looking for the girl, but she was not responding.  The daughter was located about 26 minutes later.

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4-1-24:  Spoke with an owner of a building in the alley behind the 100-block of Avon Avenue that was a safety concern due to the structure.  An officer set up a time for an inspection.

4-3-24:  Advised of two individuals yelling at each other in an apartment complex in the City of Phillips.  An officer arrived on scene and spoke with both individuals who stated they were arguing over an animal.  The officer was advised nothing physical occurred.

4-8-24:  Advised by Price County Animal Control of warning letters that were sent to address the violation of failure to register animals.

4-10-24:  Advised by a local school that a juvenile male student had damaged school property.  The property was able to be repaired.

4-11-24:  Received a report of an individual screaming and slamming doors at an apartment complex on Eyder Avenue.  A woman was issued a citation for disorderly conduct.

4-11-24:  Police were advised of people on the Elk Lake Park stage messing with property on the stage.  The individuals stated a Frisbee landed on the stage, and they were trying to locate it amongst the chairs.

4-11-24:  Police noticed people on South Lake Avenue at a retail store after hours.  The individuals said they were dumpster diving.  Police told them to leave the property, and this matter is under investigation.

4-13-24:  A 15-month-old child reportedly had a seizure and was breathing in a shallow manner on Flemings Rapids Road.  Police determined the child was breathing but not conscious.  An ambulance transported the child to the medical center.

4-14-24:  Police received information that a man who had an extraditable Illinois warrant was on Fairway Drive.  An officer arrested the man and transported him to the Price County Jail.

Please note:  For the third week of April 2024, reports from April 2023 were sent to My Price County / My Northern Wisconsin.  We requested the April 2024 file.  If it is received, we will add the summarized and condensed reports to this article.

4-23-24:  Police observed a vehicle drive off when the officer pulled up, leaving an adult male in the roadway.  The adult male, who appeared very intoxicated, stated that the driver asked if he needed a ride home.  The officer was able to make a traffic stop on the vehicle.  The two parties stated that they had a disagreement, and the adult male requested space.  The officer was able to determine that the two parties were having a family dispute.  The adult male was given a citation for open intoxicants in a motor vehicle.

4-24-24:  Police spoke with an individual that wanted to report an ongoing theft complaint on Depot Street.  The individual took matters into his own hands and created a disturbance.  Phillips Police issued a city ordinance citation for disorderly conduct.

4-24-24:  A woman on Flambeau Avenue was given citations for disorderly conduct and trespassing due to an altercation at a residence.

4-24-24:  A juvenile female student sent harassing electronic messages to an 18-year-old male.  An officer issued a verbal warning to the juvenile female.

4-24-24:  A juvenile female created a disturbance on the playground and was referred to Price County Human Services Department for disorderly conduct.

4-25-24:  A man reported his ex-significant other messaged him and tried calling him, which is against a domestic abuse order.  An officer arrested an adult female for violating a domestic abuse order and misdemeanor bail jumping.

4-26-24:  A domestic situation occurred on Minnow Lake Road.  Police responded and arrested a man for domestic disorderly conduct and battery.  Contraband was recovered and individuals were cited.

4-26-24:  A dump truck took down a power line while working on Fifield Street.  An officer discovered the line was not live.  The power company was contacted to repair the downed power line.

4-26-24:  Police were advised of a child abuse incident that occurred at a local restaurant on Lake Avenue.  An officer spoke with the child's father who advised the officer of incidents where the child's mother had abused the child.  An investigation is ongoing.

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4-4-24:  An officer requested a defendant be located and picked up for a warrant. Additionally, the subject was supposed to report for jail but did not. The defendant was located and turned over to a deputy.

4-5-24:  An officer received information regarding four intoxicated juveniles driving in a vehicle.  The vehicle was unable to be located.

4-5-24:  Officers responded for the report of a male suspect looking into a residential window.  An officer located two males running down street, one matching the suspect's description.  Two juveniles were warned for curfew, trespassing, and obstruction.

4-6-24:  An officer was dispatched for a domestic incident.  One male suspect was later arrested upon criminal charges.

4-7-24:  Officers assisted the Price County Sheriff's Office with the execution of a search warrant in the City of Park Falls.  One female was taken into custody upon drug charges.

4-7-24:  Received a report of a male individual removing trailer skirting from the victim's trailer.  A suspect was identified and arrested for theft and criminal damage to property.

4-9-24:  Received a request for a welfare check.  The caller was concerned about their cat, which has a chronic illness.  There were not enough pressing circumstances to enter the residence.

4-10-24:  A husband and wife reported being victims of a scam for the past three weeks.  Initially, they purchased a computer cleaning service from an online company for $30.  The company had remote access to their computer.  Then they received e-mails and mail for credit cards opened in their names.  Two withdrawals occurred for about $600.78.  The couple deactivated their computer, and it was being cleaned by a reputable company.

4-12-24:  Police responded to a store due to a complaint of a female attempting to use a stolen credit card.  An investigation is ongoing.

4-13-24:  Police conducted a traffic stop where a driver was operating with an expired driver's license.  The K9 unit alerted on vehicle.  A search of the vehicle produced methamphetamine, Fentanyl, and drug paraphernalia.  One suspect was arrested and taken to the Price County Jail.

4-21-24:  A concerned citizen notified police of two intoxicated males walking in the middle of traffic down South Hwy. 13.  The males were both located urinating in the middle of 1st Street North.  The subjects were identified and cited for public urination and then released.

4-24-24:  A squad car hit a mailbox.  There was no damage to the squad car and minimal damage to the mailbox.  The owner was not concerned.

4-27-24:  Juveniles were seen throwing dirt at passing vehicles.  A parent was contacted.

4-27-24:  There was an incident of illegal dumping of trash and other refuse at Nola Cemetery.

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